VVDO Kiwi Pinup Feature: Miss Monique Sweet

Here at Very Vintage Day Out we’re extremely happy for the two New Zealand Pinups who have made it through to the finals of Miss Viva Las Vegas!

We had an e-chat to one of the finalists (and Beauty School DropoutMiss Monique Sweet to find out what she’s looking forward to in Vegas, why she entered Miss Viva Las Vegas and advice she’d give to anyone looking to enter a Pinup pageant.

How much do you integrate vintage into your everyday life?

Oooooh, this is a hard question. I look at myself as an enthusiast, rather than a lifestylist (I mean, I would fight the person who ever tried to steal my cellphone off of me). In everyday life, I can live at both extremes. For instance, all of my day to day today jewelry; from my gold nugget pendant I inherited from my great grandmother to my antique engagement ring, are of some historic decent. And if you visited our lovely home it is decorated with decor from the 50’s through to the 70’s. However if you saw me in my work attire you would note my look has hints of ‘inspired’ and retro, however, has zero vintage actually integrated – I work at a building company and my vintage pretties are most definitely not going to make their way onto a building site. The opposite end of that spectrum is when you see me at events or delve into my wardrobe!

Why did you decide to enter Miss Viva Las Vegas 2017?

Ahhhh sooo many reasons! In 2015, I made a decision that in 2017 I would enter the 20th-anniversary competition. I don’t usually enter competitions but I thought, heck it’s an anniversary, so why not celebrate in style and try and make it into the top 12.

What I love about Miss Viva Las Vegas is that it is not a pageant based solely on appearance; it looks at your accomplishments, credentials and your internal properties. I saw (and still see) it as a great way to meet international pinups honeys and rockabillies alike, to bring some small town charm to the big old Viva Las Vegas and hopefully create a platform that will allow me to bring the charities I work with into a fresh light, as well as start conversations about the taboo subjects I am passionate about!

I chickened out many times across the submission period. I finally entered after listening to a TedX talk at work about teaching girls and woman to be brave and realised that everything I was questioning was based around negative self-talk and a whirl of what ifs. It reminded me who I was – I am me. I can do anything. I can move mountains. I am brave. Facing a crowd of 25,000 people will be a difficult feat but is nothing in comparison to what I have faced in my life, and I want to see those faces! It will be an AMAZING life experience and opportunity! Not only that, but think of all of the people I will meet, how far my new family of friends will become; the personalities, the style, and most of all the love of our community I will see!

What are you most excited for at VLV?

Getting to honeymoon with my new husband Sam! After the pageant, we have decided to go off and get remarried in style – by Elvis at the Little White Chapel!

I am also super excited about meeting all of our extended community and getting to know some of the faces I have seen so much of (oo the beauty of Instagram) but never met! Because life is about people and experiences and I can’t wait to share both in Vegas!

Other than VLV, will you be doing any other sight-seeing in Vegas?

YES, it looks like we will be seeing a lot of airports!!! haha and then all around Las Vegas, as we have a week to settle in before the pageant!

My stand out will be seeing His Vintage Touch and taking part in his workshop (which is kind of sightseeing right? haha).

What advice would you give to other kiwi pinups looking to enter Miss VLV or other pageants?

It all begins with the decision to try. Life is full of choices and once you know the mountain in front of you, all you need to do is put one foot in front of the other to start moving forward – even if it is a baby step, it still counts!

Be yourself. ‘Today you are you, that is truer than true – there is no one alive who is you-er than you.’ – Dr. Seuss. In your entry, in your photos, in your whole campaign of life – because you are unique and you are you and you should always be the best version of yourself.

Best of luck Monique and thanks for the chat!

Are you interested in entering a Pinup Pageant? Miss Pinup New Zealand is back for 2017 – follow our Facebook for updates!

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