Very Vintage Vendors: Cobalt Heights

As we get closer the ticket release date for Very Vintage Day Out 2017, we’ve picked a handful of the vendors to tell you more about.

Our vendor sites are selling out fast so if you’d like to be a part of it, see our application form here

Today we’re featuring Sian from Cobalt Heights and a bit about how she got started, and what she’s looking forward to at #VVDO2017!

Tell us about you

Hi Guys! My name is Sian, y’all know me (still the same old G) as the face behind Cobalt Heights. I’m a wife, mum, tropical fish enthusiast and self-confessed Handbag Whore. My hobbies include binge watching on Netflix (I like the fantasy stuff but am not opposed to a bit of blood and guts either), playing Pokemon Go and yelling at my two little boys. I’m a natural redhead, half Welsh and feel as if eating peanut butter straight out of the jar is underrated.


Tell us about your business

Cobalt Heights stocks a huge range of alternative Clothing, Shoes and accessories but we specialise in kick arse Handbags and Wallets. Do NOT ask me if you “really should be buying another handbag” because I am the wrong person to speak to about that sort of thing. We do most of our selling online at but I LOVE nothing more than getting out and about to markets, shows and expos. We do all of the big ones in the North island and tons of smaller ones in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato.

Where is your business based?
We are based in beautiful Rotorua, a city that I have lived in for almost my entire life. I love it here and I am very passionate about our little city.

How much is ‘ Vintage’ a part of your everyday life?
“Vintage” in its true sense of the word is not really a part of my life at all. Now before you string me up as a heretic hear me out! Whilst I don’t wear true vintage or fill my house with it I definitely appreciate the style and class from the bygone era’s. My personal style leans towards the “alternative” side of things. and I LOVE repro gear which is why it features so heavily in our stock. I just like what I like and have always been like that. I am just as happy in ripped black jeans and a skull tee as I am in a pretty Pin Up style dress with a frilly petti.

What are you looking forward to at Very Vintage Day Out 2017?
I am really looking forward to getting amongst it all and immersing myself in what is sure to be a fantastic weekend. I hardly ever get the chance to get up to Auckland and I am grateful to have an excuse to do so. I am particularly excited about catching up with old customer, meeting some new faces and of course catching up with the other vendors. I will be coming up with my best girl Kiri and we just hope VVDO is ready for us. We are pumped, rearing to go and promise you we will be bringing our A Game.


Thanks Sian and we can’t wait to see Cobalt Heights at VVDO2017.Check out Cobalt Heights and start planning your shopping list!

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