Very Vintage Sponsors: Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

The Very Vintage Day Out team are pleased to announce that Miss Pin Up New Zealand 2017 is being brought to you in association with ‘Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum‘ and we look forward to building a strong relationship between the two brands.

The father of old-school tattooing, Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins was an innovator and a true independent spirit whose work is still revered today.

Sailor Jerry Spiced bears the man’s signature because we believe in the old-school values of independence, hard work and unyielding standards of his craftsmanship. It all comes down to standing up for what you believe in, and we believe in making it the authentic way, the way men drank it back in the day. That means it’s distilled to 80-proof (40% ABV), spiced and smooth.

Check out Sailor Jerry’s website and social media here:



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