Very Vintage Vendors: Painted Bird

Today we’re featuring Painted Bird, Milford based vintage retailer! This will be Painted Bird’s FIRST Very Vintage Day Out and we can’t wait to see all that beautiful vintage goodness!



Tell us about you – from the owner Stephanie

I AM NOT A HOARDER! Yes, I have a lot of clothes, shoes, handbags, costume jewellery and small frippery. No more than someone who has collected since their early teens and feels as though they do wear everything they have – over time of course! I like that most people don’t see me in the same thing twice. Seriously! I can justify my ‘space at home’ (couple of large spaces and a weenie corner of the shop) devoted to clothes. We know Collectors move things on eventually and hoarders do not! Watch the program! Particularly, I adore original vintage clothing and always have. Earliest memories with regard to fashion/dress-ups/vintage was flouncing (yes, I do flounce – watch me in store!) around in my grandma’s clothes and furs and then getting her to help me to make my Barbie’s look the same. My poor little brother was a victim to my dressing others up for fun – poor sausage. It is a passion I have had from an early age. It was most likely fostered by my seamstress grandmother, artist/costume designer aunt, artist, Latina mother and by a distinct desire to absolutely not dress like everyone else. Possibly just stubbornness.

Owner, Stephanie

Tell us about your business

Painted Bird specialises in original European Vintage clothing with a small dash of Aussie and smaller sprinkle of Kiwi flavour. We saw a gap on the North Shore for people who don’t have time to ‘hunt’ or risk the ‘trades’. Our well-known Auckland traffic issues in to the city provided a unique opportunity. The store provides pieces that can be incorporated into current wardrobes and street style ‘wear ability’. Catering to those tired of the current ‘fast fashion’ trends or those who just want to show a bit of their personality flair or inner style maven! We spent a couple of years sourcing, trawling, negotiating, travelling and making nice with Private Collectors overseas to provide a Grade A handpicked option. Inside the store, you will find a treasure trove of authentic vintage pieces selected by the owner and a few from a couple of trusted ‘pickers’. We do the heavy lifting for the ‘good stuff’ and put in all in one spot for easy access to all.

Where is your business based?

Easy off the motorway, with free parking available everywhere, head to the centre of the main street of Milford’s Kitchener Road. Find the explosion of colour in the window and prep yourself for a vintage session. The store should make you smile and bring forth the excitement you get when you find a treasure trove of vintage goodness.

How much is vintage an everyday part of your life

For Painted Bird, vintage is expressed through a love of women’s clothing fifty years and older. Vintage clothing is worn and showcased every day in store, vintage customer service (i.e. genuine interest and help – eye contact) and vintage hours (gotta do family first) is an integral part of how the store runs. Every day, the utmost respect is given to original vintage clothing in helping the pieces to find their new history with a new owner in a new country. We will also happily refer to ‘vintage’ as wine – lots of it! So as a retail curator of authentic vintage fashion (not wine sadly)– in answer to the question how much is it an everyday part of your life: vintage clothing can and should be worn everyday by everyone who has individuality, style and an environmentally conscious attitude. It should be available to every woman who wants it. It should be coveted and saved from landfill, the dreaded ‘rag man’ and be available and affordable for everyone who wants to embrace the female form again! In short – vintage is every day.

What are you looking forward to at VVDO 2017

As a first timer for VVDO, we are really looking forward to seeing and meeting the vast number of vintage everything lovers from all over New Zealand! Coveting, complimenting and sharing a wonderful habit, hobby or hoard; we will all be there to enjoy it under one good old Kiwi ‘shed’ together.

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