Very Vintage Bars 2017!


We’re excited to announce our Very Vintage Bars for 2017!

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

The father of old-school tattooing, Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins was an innovator and a true independent spirit whose work is still revered today.
Sailor Jerry Spiced bears the man’s signature because we believe in the old-school values of independence, hard work and unyielding standards of his craftsmanship. It all comes down to standing up for what you believe in, and we believe in making it the authentic way, the way men drank it back in the day. That means it’s distilled to 80-proof (40% ABV), spiced and smooth.


Young Estate Wines

Like all great things, Young Estate has been founded by turning passions, values and dreams into reality. Established in 2013, we’re a wine company specialising in good quality wines with feminine spirit, class and gumption! We work with wineries to bring you fabulous wines that are great for celebrating and sharing with friends.  We play on the old adage of a friend-in-a-bottle and characterize our wines; infusing them with personalities akin to real women we know and love.


Rogue Society

A true tale, neatly distilled…

Rogue Society bills itself as gritty sophistication – a modern, yet crafted approach to gin for those seeking unconventional experiences, quality and a generous measure of good, old-fashioned hedonism. 
The Gin Company Limited’s Rogue Society is a super-premium handcrafted gin founded and distilled in New Zealand. The Company launched in Auckland on February 14th 2014. This year sees its foray into the Australian market.
Despite its premium quality, the Rogue is convivial and inclusive, with a sense of history and a modern aesthetic that stands out from its competition. It naturally attracts those seeking a fresh, modern gin that reinterprets what was until recently a highly traditional spirits category.

Founded by Daniel McLaughlin, Mark Neil and Richard Bourke, the trio set out to start a gin resurgence down under. These three likeminded chaps started a new conversation about gin, not by shouting, but by speaking discreetly. A whisper in the ear here, a tactful chat there, putting those in the know, in the know, and then letting a superior product do the talking. What it started was an artisan revolution and a respect for gin craft, introducing a socially receptive market to the subtleties of a well-made gin. Perceptions have shifted, Mother’s ruin is no longer.

The Rogue Society philosophy is built on Four Foundations.

The blend – The perfect combination of botanicals, secretly combined. Juniper and citrus to the fore, each note complementing the next.

Tradition moved on – Gin reimagined, but handcrafted the timeworn way. Passionately blended and patiently batch distilled in a hand beaten, 19th century, John Dore copper pot still.

Bravery above all – Dutch courage. Independence, freethinking, standing up for one’s beliefs. Throwing down the gauntlet to the unknown. Unbridled liberation from the norm.

A curiosity – The social lubricant. A key to an unconventional occasion, unplanned, unscripted. Rediscovering the art of sociability.


Socialise with Rogue Society Gin


Brothers Beer

We started Brothers Beer at City Works Depot as Auckland’s home for lovers of good beer. With a 4800 litre capacity brewery on site and fridges and shelves packed with the best craft beers from NZ and around the world, awesome freshly made thin-crust pizza and frequent events – live music, tap takeovers and special releases. All the beer you can see at Brothers is available to drink on-site or to take away to enjoy at home.

About 4 years on we have grown out of that and have started brewing in our Mt Eden Brewery for the last two years.
We produce the bottles on site and have proudly distributed ourselves across Auckland and slowly moving down the country.

The beer is always kept chilled as it is unpasteurised and is best to be consumed fresh within the first few months.

We have three locations, City, Mt Eden and Orakei but our beer is also found in some of Auckland’s best bars and eateries such as Depot, Federal Deli, Culprit, Kiss Kiss, Happy Boy, Mr Toms, Amano, Woodpecker Hill, Blue Breeze Inn, Gypsy Tea Room, Elbow Room and all the Mexico Restaurants in NZ.

We are proud to be exclusively supplying The Very Vintage Day Out with Brothers Beer.


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