Very Vintage Vendors: Rockabilly Bakes


“I grew up in a small town in Canada, where everyone knew everyone. Home baking was an important part of our family life – My Mother and both my Grandma’s all had their own speciality bakes, from apple crisp to cookies, butter tarts to pies, cakes to cupcakes. I could often be found standing up on a chair watching and trying to get my little paws involved.

It is because of the talents of these three gorgeous ladies that my passion for baking bloomed. There was something special about putting those simple ingredients together to produce something so tasty and fresh, and to see the joy people got when sharing and appreciating it.

Meanwhile, I went off to nursing university, and my baking got put to the side. It was around this time that I first stumbled upon the vintage styles of the 1950’s. The fashion, the hair, the makeup, and those classic cars! It all clicked with me, I felt like I had found a style to express who I was on the inside.

4 years ago, needing a change, I moved to New Zealand and got back into the baking for colleagues and friends. I loved scheming up my next bake and found I was getting some pretty good feedback and encouragement. Finally, I decided to take the leap of faith and booked us in to have a stall at a weekend market. It was an exciting and nerve-racking decision, but I wouldn’t change it.  

We wanted to give our baking a sense of that ‘edge’ that I loved about the 1950’s vintage styles, but still, have that classic good taste – Rockabilly Bakes combined that story neatly into one. Making our cupcakes big and over the top became our thing. Big in flavour, big in personality and big in height– in fact, they were so tall, we had to design our own special boxes!  

The final addition was giving our flavours fun pin-up names. From Miss Betty Mint (Peppermint), Miss Dolly Pop (Salted Caramel Popcorn), Miss Maya Bickie (Cookie Dough) to Miss Honey Jive (Honeycomb), these cupcakes are quite a rabble when all together!

We look forward to meeting you and sharing these misfits with our fellow baking and vintage lovers at Very Vintage Day Out!”

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