VVDO High Tea Partner: Dilmah

The tea at this year’s VVDO High Tea will be supplied by Dilmah Tea, New Zealand!

Dilmah Tea has become a household name in New Zealand since it’s founder Merrill J. Fernando began appearing on TV screens in the 1980’s with his catchy phrase “Do Try It”. But it’s not only his friendly face and the assurance of a family owned business which has endeared his brand to our hearts. It’s the quality and ethics for which Dilmah have become synonymous, earning the loyalty and trust of so many people. Dilmah gives us a taste of timeless traditions from days gone by with a heartwarming beverage that’s now making a resurgence. But it’s the values which are core to the business, maintaining orthodox hand-picked tea for the highest quality grown and packed fresh at the origin of Dilmah in Sri Lanka, once known as Ceylon. At least 10% of their profits are channelled through to hundreds of community projects throughout Sri Lanka as well as free tea supplied to Hospice centres and Ronald McDonald house in New Zealand, Dilmah is more than just a cup of tea.”

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