Lily Loca – Very Vintage MC!

Find out more about one of our MC Lilly Loca!

Lilly Loca is somewhere between a film noir Femme Fatale and the Pink Panther: lithe, glamorous and totally mischievous. She is both headliner and headmistress, chameleon and comedian, seducer and showgirl…Whatever the performance, you’re in safe, spectacular, and ever so sparkly hands. 
Lilly Loca is one of New Zealand’s most well known and decorated burlesque performers and MCs. As the reigning national title holder of Supreme Grand Tease 2017, as well as the many other accolades she’s acquired under her sparkly garter belt, she has also travelled and performed overseas everywhere from Hollywood to Hamilton. She has performed her mixture of classical and gender-bending performances at over 160 burlesque shows alone (not counting theatre or other performance events) many of which have been well documented by the NZ media. She is a regular with TV Three and the New Zealand Herald crowned her “Queen of Burlesque.” 
Alongside her performing career, Lilly is one the of country’s largest burlesque show producers, owning Va Va Voom Productions, who specialise is burlesque, cabaret and vaudeville shows and events. She also runs Bambina Burlesque Academy, a school for aspiring bumpers and grinders.
Lilly also likes to combine elegance with eloquence, featuring in The Dominion Post, New Zealand Geographic, The Herald on Sunday, The Rock FM and Express magazine. She has worked closely with leading brands such as Sky City, The Dust Palace, Carousel Cabaret, Samsung and New Zealand Fashion Week. She has performed and collaborated with internationally renowned acts such as Perle Noire, Queen of the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2016 Miss Poison Ivory, Venus Starr and Mika Haka. In addition to her performing, she has also modelled internationally for publications such as Sinical Magazine, whose alumni include the likes of Dita Von Teese. 
She is also a festival regular, and Supreme Grand Tease 2017 as well as the Grand Tease Hamilton 2017 winner. She holds the awards for ‘Best Neo’ ‘Most Comedic,’ ‘Most Innovative’, ‘Most Creative’ and ‘Best Costume.’ At the NZ Golden Garter Burlesque awards, she was a finalist for ‘Best Costume’, ‘Favorite Mentor’, ‘Favorite Producer’, and ‘Contribution to the Burlesque scene.’ She has appeared at some of the world’s largest festivals including the Australian Burlesque Festival and the Hollywood Burlesque Festival. She also placed 3rd in NZ’s inaugural national Drag King competition, King of all Kings 2017.
Lilly Loca is exactly as her name suggests, beautiful, exotic and with a dash of delicious craziness. 

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