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Hi! my name is Angela (Angel Blush) and I am a bubbly, friendly 33 year old wife to Matthew and mum of 3 young children; Hunter (4) William (3) and Charlotte (1). Born in Christchurch, I live in sunny Nelson. As well as being a full-time pinup housewife, I am also a part time makeup artist (specialising in vintage and glamour makeup) and burlesque performer.
My love for pinup started in my early twenties and has gradually grown over the last decade. When I ended my full time career (Accountant) around 5 years ago to start my family and become a stay at home mum, I really hit a turning point in my life and pinup became not just a hobby but part of my personality/identity and every day life.
During the week you will probably find me in the kitchen kneading dough for bread in my vintage apron whilst caring for my young children. In the weekends If I am not performing on stage, I will be working on my Burlesque acts – all of which have some pinup culture aspects incorporated into them, or making others feel beautiful and confident through my makeup artistry business.

What is it about Vintage and Pinup culture that you love?
I love the empowerment that pinup culture gives me, through the self expression of my own femininity through my interpretation of the fashions from the era. A huge passion for me is the hair and makeup and I take a lot of pride and enjoyment in not only expressing myself through my own pinup hair and makeup, but also through being able to share that joy with others through my makeup artistry work. Another huge love of mine about the pinup culture is how inclusive and friendly our community here in NZ is. Due to being pregnant/breastfeeding for much of the last few years I have not able to attend many events (that will change in 2021!) but I have still felt included by engaging with other pinups through social media.

Who is your favourite pinup icon and why (past or present)?
Our very own Kiki Kisses! I have followed her on social media for a number of years now after first finding her on the Burlesque scene, and she is my number one favourite pinup for so many reasons! Apart from being a Kiwi and also a burlesque performer (which makes her very relatable to myself), really the main reason is simply the joy that her pinup posts bring to me, she is very active on social media and seeing her colourful, fun pinup posts so regularly brings me so much joy! She is such a positive, powerful role model and seeing her own pinup NZ journey inspired me to apply for Miss Pinup NZ 2021.

What would winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand mean to you?
It would be so amazing to win the title and as well as being a massive confidence boost, and opportunity to connect with others in the pinup community, to me it would mean using the platform/title to be a role model and inspiration to other pinups. More specifically, I think that after having children, the focus can really be taken away from yourself and you can lose your sense of self/identity – I would love to be an inspiration to other pinup mums that after children you can still be a positive, confident pinup and really enjoy and be part of the culture, there truely is a place for everyone in Pinup!

What is your top tip for being a pinup?
My top tip, and what keeps me motivated and gives me joy, is to find a way to incorporate some aspects of the pinup culture into your every day life in a way that works in with your lifestyle. What I mean, is that in practicality, circle skirts and petticoats are not going to cut it when you have a busy physical day ahead. So find other ways to express your pinup style when the dress code is restrictive, maybe by adding a hair flower or carrying a vintage handbag. For example; When I know that I have a gym session coming up, I will pair my sports shoes and leggings with a pinup ponytail and a barrel rolled fringe. That way I still feel like myself and I am able to enjoy being pinup in all situations.

Pinup gal living in little old New Plymouth been apart of a fantastic sisterhood It has been very exhilarating. Beautician and mother keeps me rather bizy but with having a true passion for old school cars beautiful dresses and adrenaline pumping and finding the next beautiful shiney collection is a great addiction to have.
Passion for vintage fashion has come from my love for rock and roll dancing which i have been doing for over 10 years, I really love to keep fit on a pair of roller skates and on the marching field, making sure i will fit into my vintage granny panties.
Also love to paint having the freedom
of being one with my creative side, just like to say when i am wearing my beautiful dresses i definitely feel like a stiletto in a room full of flats.

What is it about vintage and pinup culture that you love?
Pinup is not just about modeling photos and fashion, it’s a way for a women to express them self make them self up and style them self wearing vintage clothing and feeling 100 percent beautiful. Pinup is not about dieting and being skinny or being the same as the girl modeling on this month’s cover page of the latest magazine. It is about loving who you are as a person and showing off your womenly curves being proud. This is why I have become a true pinup enthusiast. Life can be like a box of chocolates oh and I can eat them too and still sparkle bright like a diamond.

Who is your favourite pinup icon and why (past or present)?
Kiki Kisses with confidence and beauty on and off the stage, such a naturally beautiful person and so much fun, Victory Violet such grace and beauty in all that she does, so much inspiration from both pinups.

What would winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand mean to you?
To represent New Zealand and the Pinup community would be a true honor as I have been overcome by pure greatness being apart of such a fantastic community, and to inspire any new and up coming gals that would love to also become a pinup.

What is your top tip for being a pinup?
Be inspired by all the great pinups around you, but never feel you must copy them keeping true to yourself and rock who you are. Keeping in mind you will grow and will possibly change your look the more you are involved in pinup.

I am a loving mother of two beautiful children and a dedicated wife to my husband Phil. Together we own two businesses, Rolleston Homes & Cheap Bouncy Castle Hire Canterbury. What I love mostly about our work is being part of our community and spreading joy. As a family we absolutely love attending vintage car events and pinup pageants around New Zealand, it’s always so nice being part of the pinup community and meeting new people. We particularly enjoy taking our retro red and white caravan with matching decor with us. I fell in love with pinup fashion, music and cars at an early age and remember attending vintage car shows with my parents who also owned 1950’s & 60’s vehicles. My love for the music came as a teenager when i performed in many 50’s & 60’s musicals. In later years i began singing professionally at events, bars, & restaurants which i have done successfully for 12 years now. I have sung at many pinup events and I also ran large scale events for the LGBTQ+ community New Zealand wide. Over the past 5 years I have focused on singing and performing 50’s & 60’s music, my favourite being girl groups such as The Shirelles & The Supremes. I love creating images and content together with my friend and photographer Peter from Three Chairs, it’s a lot of fun coming up with a concept and executing it. One thing i enjoy the most about photoshoots is learning about different angles and poses, it takes me back to my gymnastics days where I was dedicated and successful. I am an avid collector of vintage kitchenware, i love my bright pyrex, gayware, nallyware, duraware & crown lynn. Things that are close to my heart are encouraging others not only within our pinup community but in everyday life, being kind and walking together with those who suffer from mental illness.

What is it about vintage and pinup culture that you love?
As mentioned above I have grown up in a vintage car loving family so I have always had a taste for beautiful retro cars, outfits, decor, music and the vintage community that comes alongside it. Being part of a community that is welcoming, inclusive and encouraging is so uplifting. I really enjoy walking alongside others who may be new to the community and finding their footsteps. Another thing I like about the pinup culture are the smiles that it brings to others faces, the conversations that come from wearing a beautiful outfit and how it connects us to the older generation. Something that has stood out for me over the past couple of years is the quote “Vintage style not vintage values” I love that there is an open and positive mindset to an era that at times really struggled with values such as equality.

Who is your favourite pinup icon and why (past or present)?
Rather than having one pinup icon I would say that the 50s/60s music girl groups are my icons (The Shirelles, The Marvelettes, The Ronettes, The Supremes) due to making history with their music. I love the togetherness they portray and how they incorporated movement into their music.

What would winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand mean to you?
I have been thinking of entering MPUNZ for 4 years now, being part of the pagaent world has taught me that stepping out of your comfort zone brings growth, it has helped my confidence and given me the opportunity to develop relationships with others around me. Winning MPUNZ is something that would mean a lot to me, to be in a position to love and encourage others, support local businesses, be a positive role model, and bring a real authenticity to our community. Achieving a title like this regardless of my size, skin, values, beliefs, sexuality or health would reinforce that we live in a country that has an open mindset and values others no matter what stage in life they are in.

What is your top tip for being a pinup?
I often hear people say “I love the fashion so much “but”…. My advice is “If you like it, just do it!” We include anyone and everyone!


I always find this the hardest question of all when entering pageants – who am I? What would you like to know about me?

Well I am Miss Patty (37), a lot has happened to me in the last year, I gave up my job as a pastry chef after 22 years in hospitality and I am now a farm assistant and I absolutely love it, milking cows and riding motorbikes is fun!
Living a rural lifestyle is the best, apart from the inconvenience of forgetting that 1 essential item from the supermarket!
It is quiet, peaceful and I couldn’t dream of living anywhere else!
I’m not going to lie most days I live in my PJ’s with my hair in a mum bun while watching hour after hour of TV.
When I do get off my bum I enjoy cooking for my partner and making cakes for friends and family.
I have an amazing collection of vintage dresses, gloves and handbags and have 25 evening gowns (including 3 wedding dresses) I like to wear my true vintage dresses as often as i possibly can, along with attending local car shows, and catching up with fellow enthusiasts at every chance i get.
You can normally find me close to the bar or with a glass of wine in hand, pulling funny faces and typically making an ass out of myself, but hey if you can’t have fun what is the point?

What is it about vintage and pinup culture that you love?
I absolutely love 1950’s vintage clothing. The colors and patterns they used back then are outstanding, from flour sacks to brocade and flocked material, it is simply amazing what they use to use to create day dresses or evening gowns.
1950’s fashion saw the introduction of many new styles, people were beginning to feel a little more freedom when it came to their fashion choices. People no longer felt like they had to conform to a certain look for certain situations. I believe this is what we do today. Whether it is wearing swing dresses, wiggles or pants, dress for yourself and if your happy then that is all that matters.

Who is your favourite pinup icon and why (past or present)?
This person is not known to most and isn’t a pinup icon but lived in that time.
My great grandmother Margaret Kathleen Robertson was my hero growing up, she was born on 10th February 1911.
Nana Kath was a ground breaker in her day, she was one of the first people in New Zealand to receive insulin for diabetes. She married on her 18th birthday and when her husband went away to WW2 it was necessary for the family business to continue so Kathleen became the first female taxi driver in Rotorua.
After many years of working around New Zealand Kathleen unfortunately lost her lower leg due to infection caused by her diabetes but she never looked back and started to visit and raise funds for amputees, Nana kath passed in 1991 after being a diabetic for over 60s years.
I have very fond memories of her and the things we used to do together, going to church, watching my older siblings learn to drive in the Austin. Her perfect hair, her clothing and she always smelt of baby powder.
I have a few of her gloves and even her bra and girdle. She was part of every happy childhood moment and I miss her every day.

What would winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand mean to you?
What would I do if I won?
Well I’d still be milking cows the next day cos the girls don’t wait for no one crown or not.
Winning Miss Pinup New Zealand 2021 would hands down be the most amazing experience I have had in a very long time. After a year of ups and downs I could a do with a boost and I’m sure everyone wants to see my face and amazing facials, life doesn’t need to be straight laced and I would love to show people that you can have be silly and have fun at the same time.

What is your top tip for being a pinup?
Be yourself and have FUN is the best tip I can give anyone new to our community, or someone who is still trying to figure out if bold colors or prints are for them.
At one time or another everyone second guesses themselves on what they wear, but who cares what others think.
If you feel like a million dollars and love your outfit, wear it and hold your head up high!
I know it can take a while to not worry about others stares or side eyes but 99% of the time those people are either in awe of your outfit or wanting to have the same confidence as you.
I can assure you that I never wore dresses or bold colors before I found my love for vintage and pin up, to be honest I was quite the tomboy. Hoodies, jeans and skate shoes were always the go. Anything to hide the shape of my body but look at me now. I’m rocking it and zero f**ks given!

Hi! I’m Miss Rita Rosé and I’ve been enjoying the Pinup community since my first Very Vintage Day Out in 2015.

I love sewing and I make all my own frocks. I have a growing collection of vintage sewing patterns which I like to delve into when I want something new for an upcoming event.

The ‘Make Do and Mend’ ethos of wartime is something which goes hand in hand with my interest in upcycling.
I’d love to repurpose an unused building and make it my home, filling it with vintage finds and upcycled furniture.

I also enjoy going to the movies and I’m fascinated by Costume Design and the way an outfit can help tell a story about the character and bring it to life. I pay the same attention to detail in my pinup outfits.

What is it about vintage and pinup culture that you love?
Inclusivity is what I love most about vintage and pinup culture. All ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds are welcomed without judgement, which is exactly the way the world should be. We have a great little community! Unfortunately, some demographics are not well represented which is a shame and I encourage more to join us.
For people to feel comfortable to express themselves as they wish is a beautiful thing.

Who is your favourite pinup icon and why (past or present)?
I’d have to say my favourite pinup icon is Rita Hayworth. She was one of the most glamourous Hollywood stars of the 1940s and a popular pinup girl during wartime. A talented actress and dancer, she overcame a difficult childhood and performed with poise and confidence in her many movies. I admire her so much I even borrowed her name.

What would winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand mean to you?
Winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand would of course be a great honour.

As a sewer who makes all her own frocks, I am very thankful for a skill that allows me to express my individuality and saves me a lot of money.

I would like to encourage our community to ‘Make do and mend’ or today’s version, ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’. Wear vintage items, frequent op shops or buy from online community sales groups. Make your own hairflowers or learn to sew. Everyone can make a basic gathered skirt.

By stopping the disposable cycle of throwing away and buying new, we prevent wastage, encourage thriftiness, appreciate the value of our belongings a lot more and we end up with something different from everyone else.

What is your top tip for being a pinup?
Not that I’m an expert but ‘You do you’ would be my top tip for being a pinup.
Start with one thing you like about the style and rock that. Maybe try a hair flower, a brooch or a circle skirt? Then add something else until you can put entire outfits together and become confident in your own look. Don’t worry about copying others or trying to fill up your wardrobe with expensive dresses straight away, it gets a bit stressful.

‘Fake it ‘til you make it’ is another good one because, lets face it, it can be quite daunting trying something new. Good luck and enjoy!

I am a sewer – I love to sew especially vintage dresses and outfits! I have been seriously sewing for about 3 years now and 90% of my wardrobe is things I have made. My favourite things to sew are fit & flare dresses, hobble skirts and rompers but I have branched out into coordinating accessories like hats, gloves, handbags, scarfs and even umbrellas. I do a lot of other crafts as well which generally are related to my handmade outfits such as dying shoes and custom jewelry as I really enjoy creating a whole matching look from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.
I’m an avid collector of vintage patterns having a few hundred patterns that date from the 1960s and earlier. I have found them at op shops or have been given them by my friends at the sewing club I belong to. I also will often self-draft my patterns from a picture of a vintage catalogue. I find the best way to research vintage outfits is to look at what the women are wearing in the pattern pictures or matching the pattern date with other accessory patterns that are dated the same.
I began roller skating in March 2020 as a way to do a sport and a fun exercise. I do artistic skating which involves attempting to be elegant while gliding, spinning and jumping. I have also just started learning how to dance things like the Charleston and the Twist on my skates.
I suffer from chronic SLE or Lupus which is an autoimmune disease, often referred to as an invisible illness, that causes my body to attack itself internally. It creates a variety of issues such as ME or chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, arthritis, malaise, alopecia, limited movement and worse as my body tissues struggle under the constant onslaught of my broken immune system. It does slow me down but I do my best not to let it stop me completely.
I have a big interest in astronomy/astrophysics which I studied at university and became the president of my local astronomy club, Hibiscus Coast Astronomical Society. I can often be found teaching the members the “old ways” of finding constellations using star jumping. This love often influences my outfit choices as I often wear science themed vintage outfits, to the delight of the members, both young and old.

What is it about vintage and pinup culture that you love?
I love the clothing and the way it makes me feel. I was extremely sick, undergoing oral chemo treatment and during that time I decided I would do little things to help make myself feel better. These things included wearing vintage clothing as it makes me smile and be more confident plus I instantly look more “put together”. I might have been lying on the bathroom floor throwing up but at least I had a pretty dress on!
I also love being able to create outfits that match completely from hat to shoes, and how the more matchy-matchy the outfit is, the better.
I love how inclusive the vintage community is, as everybody is always so welcoming and kind. There is always a way to relate to all the ladies within the community, including often fangirling over a beautiful dress they are wearing.

Who is your favourite pinup icon and why (past or present)?
There are so many vintage women from the past I look up to. Hedy Lamarr is a classic pinup who I hold in incredibly high regard – not because she was beautiful, as all women were/are, but because she was the foremother of bluetooth/wifi. Some of the other women I greatly admire include the NASA computers, who did all the math for NASA before actual computers; Marie Curie, who coined the Theory of Radioactivity; Grace Hopper, who taught computers to “talk”; Mary Morgan, who developed Hydyne which was a groundbreaking rocket fuel; Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, who discovered the composition of stars/the universe; Valentina Tereshkova, who was the first woman in Space; Lise Meitner, who explained the physics of nuclear fission; and the list goes on. These are just a few who helped advanced women in science, especially in astrophysics, and showed me that I can have a place within science. They proved that anything a man can do, us women also can do! Plus, we often did things that men of the time struggled with, such as the women from Playtec, who sewed the highly advanced materials used in spacesuits within perfect millimeter accuracy. Without these women who helped pave the way and blew everyone’s expectations out of the water, women in STEM would not be doing as well as we are now. Chien-Shiung Wu was a physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project, became very outspoken about sexism in science and said in 1964 “I wonder whether the tiny atoms and nuclei or the mathematical symbols, or the DNA molecules have any preference for either masculine or feminine treatment” and I often think of her as I do research.
There are also many modern pinups who I think highly of. Fran, who is always happy to help me out when I have questions while being endlessly encouraging; Kikki Kisses, who cheered so loudly for me at the Very Vintage Day Out 2019 for best dressed. There is also the invaluable support from Miss Sandy Dee, who I can talk to about outfits and bounce ideas off – even at 2am in the morning. All this encouragement combined helped give me the confidence to enter vintage pageants.

What would winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand mean to you?
It would mean everything to me to win. It would prove to myself that it was a good idea to give pageants a try and reinforce that while I am sick, I can still do things that others do. I would be able to create my mark within the vintage community and show that people who have invisible illnesses can do this. While winning would be amazing and exciting, the process is also important to me. The women I would share the experience with, the lead up with all the preparations and creative spark that it would ignite all full me with excitement. The sharing of our laughter, our passions and our ideas with each other and others who see it, is what lifts my enjoyment to a whole new level.

What is your top tip for being a pinup?
My top tip is you can never be too matchy-matchy! But also, confidence is key! There’s so many styles within vintage clothing to choose from, pick what makes you feel good about yourself! It doesn’t matter if it’s true vintage, reproduction, a fit & flare with 5 petticoats or a tight wiggle – embrace what makes you feel good and rock it! Don’t worry about societal norms, do what makes you feel 100% perfectly you. Don’t worry about what size or shape you are, don’t worry about what other people might be thinking, embrace yourself and be as loud, bright and fabulous as you want. Everyone is a star!

I am Australian born, Croatian blood and on the verge of becoming a New Zealand Citizen! I have always loved vintage and pinup but have never immersedy’ myself into the culture until I came across Miss Pinup New Zealand at the start of this year. I decided ‘well no time like the present’ so went for it! Rosa Alyana is my pin up name and this was chosen for me as Rosa represents my Eastern European heritage and Alyana means bright light, joy, glamour and sexiness. If only it had sassy too. I love the outdoors, dancing, singing (albeit in my car :)) and am always willing to learn new things.

What is it about vintage and pinup culture that you love?
Absolutely everything! From its cuteness and boldness to its cheekiness and wholesomeness. It can make a woman go from ordinary to extraordinary in the blink of a set of false eyelashes. The clothes are gorgeous, the style simply divine, the music you can’t help want to sing along and dance to and it can give any woman a confidence she never knew existed but should always exude as she is forever fabulous.

Who is your favourite pinup icon and why (past or present)?
Dita Von Teese – was born in the same year as me, only a month apart, when I see Dita I am mesmerised by her elegance, subtlety and glamour. I feel she radiates the confidence of a woman in a developing world, embracing the changes, learning, growing and inspiring woman around her in any era of time.

What would winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand mean to you?
It would mean a whole new chapter in my life, proving to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to and hopefully show others that dreams can come true! I have no experience with pinup or modelling and no social media following. So to win would be a miracle and a dream come true. I would love to share with woman all over the world that all you have to do is put your mind to something you are passionate about and make a start and you never know where the journey can lead to.

What is your top tip for being a pinup?
Have fun and let yourself be transformed into the stunning, glamourous woman you are. Show your sass, show your cute smile and don’t be afraid of the unknown!