Very Vintage Photo Safari

The Very Vintage Photo Safari gives photographers and models the opportunity to work together to enhance their portfolios and gain more experience while taking advantage of Very Vintage Day Out’s unique shoot locations and backdrops.

We have some great prizes for both photographers and models.

First place 2017 Photographer – Peter Homan Model – Eirlann Brierly


  • First prize photo – The Photographer wins $500 Canon product and the model wins $100 voucher for REVIEW
  • Second prize photo – The Photographer wins $250 Canon product and the model wins $100 voucher for REVIEW
  • Third prize photo – The Photographer wins $100 Canon product and the model wins $100 voucher for REVIEW 

To enter the Photo Safari, there is no entry fee but you must have a ticket for The Very Vintage Day OutGet your tickets here


Online registration for the Photo Safari has now closed.

Visit our information desk at The Very Vintage Day Out if you would like to inquire about entering on the day.



How does the Very Vintage Photo Safari work?

Both photographers and models fill out the online form above to sign up. On the day, we meet at the Tiki bar (across from the main stage) at 11 am and 1 pm on your entry day for an induction and introductions for photographers and models. During the induction, we will take you through the map of Photo Safari locations.

Photos eligible for entry must be shot at these locations, with a photo safari registered and inducted model. Photos need to be submitted by 5 pm Saturday 10th November to we recommend the use of to send your high res images. Winners will be announced on Saturday 17th November via VVDO Facebook page.

How do I sign up?

Fill out the form (available above at 10 am 1 September) to enter and don’t forget to check out our Terms & Conditions.

Can I sign up on the day?

Yes, space permitting. Visit our info desk by 10:30 am on Saturday or Sunday to register and attend our induction at 11 am to be eligible. We recommend you sign up in advance online, as spaces are limited. 

What happens on the day?

2017 second place Photographer – Phil Miles Model – Honey LÁmour
  • Meet at 11 am and/or 1 pm in the bar on Saturday and/or Sunday.
  • The model’s names will be drawn out of a hat and matched with a photographer to spend an hour together. After that first hour photographers and models can catch up in their own time.
  • There is a second catch up in the bar at 1 pm for another name draw. If the same model and photographer are match twice there will be a redraw.
  • The photographers and model’s names and email contacts will be shared on in a printed list which you will be given at the induction so you can stay in contact with each other after the show to share photos.
  • The two draws take place Saturday and Sunday so there are four opportunities to meet new models and photographers across the weekend.
  • Take photos and have fun!

See the full conditions of entry below

What photos can I enter with and what’s the deadline?

Photos must be taken at photo safari locations to eligible for entry. Please send photos to 5 pm Saturday 10th November. We recommend the use of to send your high res images. 


2017 third place Photographer – Tony Gorham Model – Miss Suzy Sorbet

All Photos submitted need to:


  • Be shot with a photo safari registered model, by a photo safari registered photographer
  • Be shot in a Very Vintage Photo Safari location
  • Be watermarked by the photographer for credit
  • Be named properly – Photographer_Model_1.jpeg e.g. ElizabethJ_VelvetDeColette_1.jpeg.
  • Comply with all Very Vintage Photo Safari Terms & Conditions

When will photographers and models find out the winner?

Winners will be announced on the Very Vintage Day Out Facebook page on Saturday 17th November.

Who do I ask other questions

Email  if you have any other questions