Very Vintage Spotlight Dressmaking Competitions

This year we’re looking for vintage lovers who are nifty with a needle! 

This competition is open to enthusiastic home dressmakers with just two categories; beginners (under 3 yrs experience) and advanced.  

What you will need for your entry:

  • A story about your sewing journey and all your wonderful makes 
  • Ensure you have nice photos of your previous finished projects
  • A vintage-inspired entry garment (can be a 1 or 2 piece outfit)

Each entry will need to include

  • A brief history of your sewing ability e.g.
    When did you start sewing? Are you self-taught, did a family member teach you or did you learn at school or get formal training? What was the first item you made? – make it a fun read if you can.
  • Design brief – your inspiration behind your garment choice. include a sketch or image of what you are making and short explanation of why you chose it. (you can use the front of a commercial
    pattern if that’s what you are doing, plus add any design changes to give it some individuality)

Each category will be awarded 2 prizes.
1st Prize – $150 Spotlight Vouchers and $100 Pattern Postie Pattern Pack
2nd Prize – $75 Spotlight Vouchers

You can find the full competition rules and T&Cs here



Thank you to those who entered the Very Vintage Spotlight Dressmaking Competition.

We were blown away by the incredible skill within this community!

Be sure to come to The Very Vintage Day Out to check out all the makes that will be beautifully displayed, and to watch the prize giving on Saturday at 11:00am on the main stage.

All the makes and the prize giving will be posted in our blog after the event. 

Questions about Very Vintage Spotlight Dressmaking Competition? Email or send us a message on Facebook!