Jack Daniel’s Miss Pinup New Zealand 2019

Our Top 12 for 2019!

Beffy Bouffant
Dariel Dearlove
Foxy Rocket
Francee Red
Hidden Jem
Miss Betsy-Lee Rebel
Miss Corsair Debonair
Miss Estelle Belle
Miss Polly Rose
Miss Vida Vadelle
Ms. Monroe
Ruby Lullabelle

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Betty Boufant

From Auckland, NZ

HI! I’m Kate (or Betty), very eclectic bubbly and funny gal… I like to make people laugh and feel happy when I’m around them and very warm and inviting.

I love the story behind vintage pieces… I really only wear second hand or authentic vintage items and I like to think that the dress I purchased has a story ie. Little Beatrice purchased this earrings and brooch set because she was going on her first date with Harry who turned out to be the love of her life. I also love how pur modern vintage culture embraces all body shapes and sizes and supports all women and body positivity.

Currently… Miss Victory Violet (of course) and Miss Velvet DeCollette in NZ, The Satin Dolls, Miss Alba Banana, Ava Alderwood obviously Dita Von Teese and the list goes on

This has always been out of my comfort zone, I’ve wanted to enter for so long however always thought I was never good enough or not vintage enough… but this year I though F@$k it let’s do this! Even just getting picked to be a finalist would be enough validation for me 😁

Be yourself! You dont have to have the perfect set all the time or have a specific look to be pin up. You do you, if your pinup has a modern flair or gothic inspiration GO FOR IT!

Dariel Dearlove

From Auckland, NZ

I’m Dariel Dearlove! a woman of many hobbies, a pinup “Jill of all trades”, and a mum to my seven month old son as well as my many fur babies.
My biggest passion is sewing which I have been doing since I was six years old but I also enjoy all sorts of craftiness as well as horse riding (dressage), whip cracking, and of course- being involved in all things pinup!.
It was through my sewing that I found my love for pinup which started with an adoration for the style that heavily influenced my creations and that expanded into being involved in pageants and the pinup social scene over the past four years.
Although I am currently on maternity leave I have also been working at an aggregate quarry for the past twelve years which I absolutely love!. Although its all hard hats and steel caps while I’m working outside, I start each and every day in full pinup attire as it makes me feel glamourous, empowered, and ready to take on the world!.

While I adore pinup style and fashion, the thing that I love most is that our pinup and vintage community is one that encourages uniqueness, confidence, and support.
It wasn’t until I became a mother last year that it really hit home what an impact those things have had on me, I was able to look at the changes in myself with appreciation and love rather than seeing myself as somehow flawed or less valuable, as I once would have.
Even on the days that I do lack a little bit of sparkle I know I can pick myself right up again by throwing on a fabulous, flouncy frock and looking toward my fellow pinups for inspiration!.

This question had me a little stumped as I have sooo many favorites that I draw inspiration from but if I had to choose just one, it would be Lucille Ball.
Not only was she glamourous, stylish, and beautiful but more importantly she had real confidence, a sense of humor, and wasn’t afraid to be unladylike in an era where the opposite was so expected.

I was a finalist in MPUNZ 2016 and while it was a fantastic experience that I grew a lot from, I feel like I lacked the confidence to really present my true self which is something that has stuck with me. I feel I have come a long way in my own confidence and ability to express myself authentically since then and that is something I am really proud of and I hope to show as a finalist this year.
By winning I hope that it might inspire others to have more confidence and to never give up on yourself or your dreams.

Never let the fear of criticism hold you back from being original and standing out from the crowd….
and always point your toes! hehe x

Foxy Rocket

From Rotorua, NZ
Living in Queensland, Australia

My name is Foxy Rocket and for the past 6 years I have been living and loving the pinup and rockabilly scene in Australia. I have been lucky enough to partake in some amazing events, and awarded quite a few titles, but the best reward has been the amazing women I have met along the way and friendships I have gained. I love that the pinup community is welcoming to all people from all backgrounds, and allows women to truely embrace their individual beauty and gain the confidence to showcase their love of pinup fashions and style on stage. I now like to help other women by supporting them as a pinup coach. Giving advice on bios, outfits and pinup posing on stage and for photoshoots. Growing up I was always called a poser (like it was a bad thing), turns out being a poser is great for pinup! After having my second child, I decided to take the leap and get back on stage by entering into pinup pageants and I haven’t looked back since. I grew up in Rotorua and performing is such a big part of who I am, and though I have loved Australia, I am so looking forward to coming home where my heart is and bringing my love of pinup with me.

The people, the fashions, the hair and makeup styles, the classic cars, the music. I love it all. At events I love seeing such a huge variety in ages, styles and backgrounds all bought together through their love of pinup and vintage history and culture. The small businesses, car enthusiasts, photographers and most of all the pinup ladies. It truely is like one big family, where everyone is accepted and supported.

One of my favourite pinup icons is Audrey Hepburn, because she was the epitome of style and class. Not to mention absolutely stunning. She wasn’t just an actress though, she was also a Goodwill Ambassador of Uniceff and a wonderful mother and ballet dancer. A truely inspiring woman. Modern day icon would have to be Victory Violet, for her elegance, style and class as well as her amazing pinup hair skills that make me swoon, and gorgeous pinup and vintage clothing ensembles.

Winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand would really be a dream come true. I love pinup so much, and I’m so proud to be a kiwi. Combining my love for Pinup and love for New Zealand, being Miss Pinup New Zealand, would fill my heart with so much joy and pride.

My top tip for being a pinup is to support others by building each other up. See the good in others and encourage them rather than critique. In a world where women are scrutinized and told they are not good enough, pinup is about celebrating diversity, acceptance, love and support. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the perfect outfit, best makeup, or greatest hair, what matters is that you have fun and enjoy the culture and scene for what it is. By lifting each other up, supporting and encouraging, it allows women to have the confidence to showcase their love and passion for vintage and pinup culture in a safe and happy community.

Francee Red

From Napier, NZ

I am probably considered a grandma in the pin up world but that does not worry me at all as I have found it to be the most supportive enviroment I have ever encountered. I am an insurance administrator and have 2 grown sons and until a few years ago was a blonde surfer girl. Then doing a bit of a Madonna, I completely reinvented myself into what you see today. And honestly haven’t looked back. My confidence has grown enormously and I’m so proud of myself- something the blonde surfie girl never was xx. My partner and I also collect vinyl and have a pretty awesome collection and like nothing more during the summer to throw open the doors, sit in the sun and listen. I have also taken up sewing lessons which is really fun.

The culture as I mentioned before is one of the most supportive I have ever come across, which is so important these days. I have always loved all things vintage and that has continued all my life. My favourite eras are the 40s and 50s and while they were hard times, life seemed so simple then. I loved the fashions and the fact that everyone got dressed up to go out- something I do every day. My mother lived through those times and I loved hearing the stories eg painting the lines on the back of their legs so they looked as if they were wearing stockings and then there were those Americans…

One of my favourite pin up icons is Lauren Bacall. While not exactly in the pin up look of say Marilyn, she absolutely oozed sensuality and I loved the way she played the more serious one to Marilyn and Betty’s characters in “who wants to marry a millionaire”. And of course the love story between her and Humphrey Bogart 💕. She also aged so gracefully and looked amazing right up until she died

It would be the most amazing title to win. First of all for me to win something like this would be incredible especially at my age. And also to show everyone it’s not about age or looks or size, anyone can do this and I would like to be a role model for anyone who has doubts that they are too old or not skinny enough

Have fun, and be yourself.

Hidden Jem

From Auckland, NZ

Meet Jemma Peterson – otherwise known as Hidden Jem.

Originally from Napier, Jemma is based on Waiheke Island off Auckland City and is a community minded person with an entrepreneurial spirit.
Her career started with organising complex travel itineraries for Air New Zealands’ elite high-flyers. On the side she was a leader of the Social Club, organising cabaret and burlesque-themed Christmas parties. This lead her naturally into event management with Wild Estate, Wild On Waiheke and Waiheke Island Brewery, organising corporate and private events to include travel, dining, team-building and entertainment experiences over the past five years.

If your trip to Waiheke Island is planned, you’ll also find Jemma on or behind the stage assisting local music events and shows at Artworks Community Theatre as its coordinator. Never one to shy away from any excuse to dress up, Jemma will often be found putting on themed events of all eras using Vintage and Pinup style in particular to express her bold character. Overall, these roles bring her passion, skills, talents and unique style together in providing a platform for local and professional artists, in the form of local concerts, theatre and festivals.

Jemma believes that these special events on Waiheke Island are a ‘treat’ to everyone involved and it is her mission to engage her audiences and guests in providing quality entertainment that will be remembered for many years to come!

New Zealands pinup and vintage culture sets a precedent in classic feminine style, natural beauty and encouragement of unique self expression. I love the sense of intrigue and mystery everyone involved simply exudes. There is also an elegance and timelessness that transports and transfixes. It captures a sense of nostalgia for another era, a time that is classic and will never die. Looking back I think that growing up in Napier in that beautiful art deco design, shops and events have planted the seed to continue to pursue this era creatively today.

Marilyn Monroe! She is an incomparable classic beauty. She had a sense of playfulness, a confidence yet a vulnerability that along with her femininity and sensuality made her a powerful attractor. She also re-invented her self. There are various other Hollywood actresses from the 30’s, 40’s & 50’s that were influential to me and also exuded the qualities that I wanted to adopt. Their classic style, class, confidence, natural beauty and raw talent now serve as a daily inspiration for me to live my authentic self as I was designed to do in my own unique way.

Winning the title of Miss Pin-Up tells me that I am recognised for embracing and living the authentic life that I was missing. I have re-invented myself and am embracing the qualities that I have desired from my role models, I am following the path of the inspirational women that have come before me and I hope to create an environment were I pass these qualities and more on to other young women. My dream is to help young women believe in themselves. To go from girlhood to womanhood in the knowledge that they can walk through life with confidence and find their own unique and authentic expression of themselves and in turn to serve as role models for those that come behind them. My favourite quote from Marilyn Monroe is, “We are all of us stars and we deserve to twinkle”. I want to influence young women to find that star within. I will continue to seek and develop the twinkle in my star and inspire other young women to do the same in their own unique fashion. #findyourinnerjem

Believe in yourself. Believe that you have a unique and special gift to bring and that your challenges are a gift and a voice to say there is a better way. Find your role model and adopt their qualities in your own unique style. Step into your authentic self and embrace this life for the journey and all that it brings. My home town of Napier suffered a terrible time through the 1930’s earthquake but rose again and re-invented itself into a unique, timeless and classic beauty that continues to influence me on my journey. Find your star, live your dreams and finally, enjoy the ride!

Miss Betsy-Lee Rebel

From Rotorua, NZ

I’m a married mum of two who has been embracing the vintage lifestyle since the age of 17 when I started Rock n Roll Dancing. I love the cars and the music of the 50’s and 60’s era and have a 1968 Rambler Rebel which my husband and I love cruising around in.
Over the year’s dancing and my interest in vintage cars has taken me too many retro shows which is where my interest in Pin Up competitions started. I have always had a like for vintage style clothing and over time this interest has grown to encompass a majority of my wardrobe.
I am very lucky to have a fabulous family (particularly my amazing husband) who share the same passions as me, they are at every event and are my biggest support crew.

Although I love the music, the cars the clothing and the hair it’s the people in the vintage and pinup culture scene that I love the most. They are the most generous and honest people around and it’s great to be part of such a loving and open community where you everyone is unapologetically themselves.

As much as I would love to say I have a favorite I don’t actually feel I do. I believe every current and past Pinup Icon, whether it is Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page, Jayne Mansfield, Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn or even today’s current Pinup icons, Miss Victory Violet, Fran Robertson, Bettie Rage, Honey L’Amour, they all have had some influence on where the current Pinup community is and as such all have had some form on impact on who I am as a Pinup. There are certain aspects of each of these ladies the I have admired whether it be fashion, hair or even personality which I feel have all contributed to me in some way as a person.

All my life I have suffered from stage fright and a fear of being negatively judged which has influenced my actions over the years including things like not speaking at my wedding or family celebrations and meant that I was never comfortable in who I was and my choices on how I represented myself. 4 years ago I set out to change this did something I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember and entered my first Pinup competition in a bid to throw myself in the deep end and since then my confidence has grown.
Winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand would mean so much to me in showcasing how much more confident I have become and being in outfits that represent who I am as a person would be the icing on the cake.

Be confident in whatever your pinup style is, There are no two styles that are the same, be proud of who you are and represent that to the world.

Miss Corsair Debonair

From Wairarapa, NZ

I’m a mother of two IVF miracles aged 18 months and 3.5 years and am married to Dave, living the country life in the Wairarapa. I’m a Senior Communications Advisor for the NZ Defence Force and absolutely love it. I’m a massive aviation geek, and I could watch aircraft take off and land all day. Hence my stage name – the Corsair is my favourite WWII warbird from the Pacific theatre. I dabbled in pinup before I met my husband ten years ago, but when we moved to the country and the commute became longer, I sort of lost my direction a bit. I was feeling rather invisible after the birth of my second child and then I saw an advertisement for the pinup pageant at Cruise Martinborough in January 2019. It heralded the sudden ignition of a long extinguished fire. I had two weeks to prepare and came runner up out of 30 entrants. I carried on to win Miss Marineland in Napier in May 2019. I find the challenge of curating an outfit absolutely exhilarating. Every detail must be perfect. I always try to bring my own touch and creativity to every outfit, and make my own headwear. My husband thinks I’m mad, but he was proud of me at Miss Marineland. I almost feel like I have something to prove to him as well. That I’m good at this. It’s not easy trying to mesh all these parts of my life, and indeed when I returned home from my recent Elizabeth J photography session dressed to the nines, I mopped pee up off the bathroom floor. Just smile and carry on!

I love that we can bring glamorous to every day. Life’s too short, you know. Wear the lipstick. Wear the dress. So what if people look at you. The smiles and comments I get from older ladies who love that little memory of their past is what gets me out of a warm bed at 6am to go to all the effort.

Gil Elvgren – he’s not a pinup icon but he’s an icon of pinup. His images were what first resonated with me as I found my way into the pinup world. He drew the pinup I am. Cheeky, flirty, bumbling, laughing. That’s me to a tee.

Knowing that I delivered concepts and curation of a national standard would be hugely validating to me. And if I could provide any sort of reassurance to the pinup mothers pushing 40, I’d be happy.

Be yourself. There are so many different types of pinups, there is room for you just how you are.

Miss Estelle Belle

From Auckland, NZ

I like to think of myself as a bit like the Big Friendly Giant of pinups (I’m 6ft tall!), I’m quirky, kooky and a little bit ooky, spooky. I love to interacting with like-minded people at pinup/vintage/car events and have a passion for the pinup style and community here in New Zealand. In my spare time you can find me under the bonnet of my (or partners) car, sewing reproduction style clothing, creating vintage inspired accessories or studying for my MBA. I believe in being authentic to yourself and who you are as well as always pushing yourself for development. Whether it is personal, professional, creative or educational development I strive to be the best person I can but learning and developing myself constantly.

I got into the vintage/pinup culture after being inspired by the warm, welcoming and colourful characters of the pinup community. These people were open to sharing their knowledge, ideas and inspirations with me as well as supporting me to push my boundaries and become more confident on stage as well as more confident in myself. I’m really proud to now be a member of the community that is easily approachable and inspires others within the community. When entering pageants such as Beach Hop there usually is a mixed group of pinups. Some of whom have been into the culture for a while and some new to the culture. Regardless of their background there is always such a amazing sense of comradery and support that is so unique to our community that I think is so special and something I love and am passionate about.

I’ve always loved Iris Apfel for being a style icon by authentically styling herself throughout her life, as well as her admirable professional career. She is such a great role model, with such a positive and constructive outlook on life, she once said “There is really no substitute for experience. You must have experience and be open to experience — that helps. That helps a lot. Most importantly, you have to be yourself, be who you are and take time to be open and honest with yourself.” Which speaks to me on so many levels about how you must be flexible to experiencing change and understanding how to best present you authentic self which may be constantly changing and evolving (and that’s ok!) this includes includes style, career and who you are as a person. Plus Iris’ jewellery collect is SENSATIONAL

I want to inspire more people to embrace and join the vintage/pinup culture and community not only here in New Zealand but also THE WORLD! I want to be a positive role model that encourages people that it’s ok to be yourself and it’s ok to want to make changes in your life for the better. The vintage/pinup community is so beautiful and has so many different characters and variations of interpretation and I want everyone to feel welcomed, included and accepted within the community so that we can continue growing and be known for these great positive qualities.

Fake it ’til you make it honey! We all have doubts, we all have days when we don’t feel like we are on top of the world – and that’s ok! Sometimes you need to just do it anyway! Leap out of your comfort zone even when you feel like you can’t, do the thing even if your anxious about it! When you let self doubt or negative affirmations stop you from achieving something, you achieve nothing. If you take the chance and make the leap you will learn something from the experience and soon you might find yourself not needing to fake it anymore, because you have made it! So dye you hair bright copper! Wear those cha cha heels to the event! Sign up for that pageant! Get on stage! You might just surprise yourself. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to have fun!

Miss Polly Rose

From Hamilton, NZ

My name is Miss Polly Rose and I’m from Hamilton. I moved to Melbourne when I left school and studied for a Diploma in Event Management. After coming home, I was always interested in skin care and make up. I have now completed 3 years of study part time, and have a Certificate in Master Make Up Artistry and Special Effects. Also combined with that, 4 years ago I entered my first Pin Up Competition, Miss Frankton Thunder. From then on I was hooked. I was extremely inspired by the fashion, the hair styles, the colors, what it did for me and how I could be myself. I’ve met so many beautiful people along this journey, and I love to share all my ideas and beauty tips with them. I’m a very compassionate, innovative and confident person, with lots more goals to achieve.

My favorite things about this culture is the authenticity, the inclusivity, and how you can walk out the door, wearing whatever you like, and no one will judge you for it! This culture allows us to dress, act, feel and strut the way we want to. Which I think can tremendously contribute to somebody’s self-esteem. I like that it is uplifting, powerful, positive and I think that’s super important. Everyone involved is so supportive of each other, it’s just amazing!

It’s absolutely going to have to be Miss Victory Violet. She is probably my first inspiration, after I spotted her on Instagram and I’ve followed her ever since! She’s so amazing, so inspirational and honest about herself which I really like. Her makeup, clothes, shoes, the way she does her hair. She blogs about it, and she lets people know what she thinks, which I think is a huge help towards the community. As we are all different, with different shapes, sizes and looks, she really contributes to that, which I think is fantastic.

To win Miss Pin Up New Zealand would give me Amazing Euphoria.

To actually realize that when you give yourself a goal, and after four years of entering competitions, & learning so much on this journey, all my hard work has paid off. To be able to represent my country in an ever more popular pageant.
For me to showcase my style, flair, colors, ribbons, bows, glamour & jewels. The Pinup style is one “Era” that has made me who I am today. It’s given me the confidence to go out there, present myself, and be very proud of it. I enjoy the company and I have the time of my life. Be yourself, and it will shine.

Don’t over think things! It’s so easy to fall into that trap of “does this look good enough?” Of course it looks good enough! Wear items and styles that make you “feel” and “look” you!

Miss Vida Vadelle

From Tauranga, NZ

Hi I am Miss Vida Vadelle, at the age of five my mother recalls me being very particular with what I would wear. I started sewing at a young age of eight years old and my love of fashion grew from there. I started making Barbie doll dresses for my dolls and also made pillows for my other dolls, I had a small toy red sewing machine to start off with. In my early teenage years I started altering my own clothing to different unique styles. My love of vintage started at a young age, as my mother had antiques around the home, along with my grandmother.

Growing up being around vintage had an impact on me along with being told by others as I was maturing that I reminded them of a 1950s movie star in particular Audrey Hepburn. I also loved listening to Edith Piaf in my teenage years. Since leaving high school I studied fashion design in the Bay of plenty and got married. I love being a housewife for parts of my week the other parts consist of working on my fashion label (which I would love to work more on) and also working in retail. I love being creative and being able to encourage others with creativity. I also love helping people look and feel their best. If I wasn’t in the fashion industry I would love to be involved in dance or theatre/film productions. I also really enjoy writing, painting and drawing. I enjoy editing and piecing written work together and have started to write a book to help inspire others.

I love and adore vintage tea cups and tea sets. I have a fairly decent collection of antique furniture and tea cups now. I love to find antique pieces in op shops to add to my collection. The vintage styles of fashion are so classic and don’t date that’s one of my favourite aspects of what I love about vintage styled clothing in particular the 1950’s as it’s a very flattering fashion style.

I love that the pinup culture is a non judging culture, that it doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t a size 8 or 10 that you do feel that you are accepted. I have struggled with feeling accepted in my life, not really feeling as though I fit in a lot of the time as I feel I was born for another era. I was quite severely bullied at high school and throughout other areas of my life I also suffered from rejection so to be a part of an encouraging culture means a lot to me. I entered in the Miss Pinup Whangamata beach hop 2019 this year and was placed in the finals and made an instant friend who was also in the finals. I think that shows me the support of the pinup industry that you can make good connections.

Audrey Hepburn, she was more of a softer petite pinup which is a style I can relate to as that is more of who I am too. I think she is very glamorous and sweet at the same time. She has a very authentic and classic look. In particular I adore her uniquely shaped thick eyebrows as a real statement feature. Audrey also had a petite frame yet still had a real pin up style with her feminine outfits and her on screen nature. She also had a real heart for helping people such as the UNICEF charity which is something I really admire.

I also really adore Elizabeth Taylor too her thick eyebrows as a statement feature also eye-catching and just an overall very glamorous elegant lady with her style and poised postures on screen and off screen along with behind the camera. Elizabeth Taylor was a fundraiser and spokeswoman for aids which is also very inspiring that she was out in the community helping people.

Winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand 2019 would mean I could be a role model for other aspiring pinup contestants to be able to embrace themselves and be truly who they are. The title would be evidence from self growth and being able to be in a position to empower other women. It would also be a real honour to represent New Zealand within the pinup culture.

It would mean that I do fit in and that I am accepted, and that even if you have been through hard times you can still feel accepted through the pinup culture. It would be great to make more connections and build on more relationships with others in this industry. It would also mean a lot to me with my fashion career as I have been longing for an opportunity to find an area in the fashion industry where I fit and belong into.

It would be an opportunity to showcase my talents to be acknowledged and appreciated for them. Winning the title could enable a real platform to stand from for me with my vintage fashion career which could mean extra help to encourage traditional styles from the 1950s back into society today within New Zealand and abroad.  

It would also be a dream come true and restoration for some things I have missed out on in my life. It would be a dream come true to meet Colin Mathura –Jeffree as I entered in the New Zealand’s Next Top Model show in the year of 2010 and was told I was too short which was a real disappointment as I am 169cm which is close to 5 foot 7 so still fairly tall yet I wasn’t tall enough for the show.

It was also another dream of mine to be a model. To be standing on stage seeing Colin would be massive restoration for the chance I missed out on many years ago. I remember my parents looking really sad too as I had their hopes up at the prospect of me taking modeling seriously as I was told from my early to later teens I would be ideal from others comments. It would mean the world to me to have a chance at Miss Pinup New Zealand 2019. I would be a pinup full time if I could be. If I was selected as the winner or in the top twelve that would mean a lot to me and I feel I could really help inspire others to live out their dreams despite knock backs of the past or present to keep going and still persevere.

Be true to yourself. Being authentic to who you are is important. There are so many different styles in the pinup culture, don’t be afraid to stand out and to not be who you think people want you to be. Be uniquely you and you will shine. My second tip would be don’t give up!. Try not to talk yourself out of it or down, the pin up culture is for you to represent who you are not who others are in the pinup culture.  

Relax, try not to take things too seriously, or to be nervous, have fun and you will shine and sparkle just how Cinderella did at the ball. She wasn’t allowed to or thought that she could at the start but she still ended up sparkling in the end! You could be having that happily ever after moment too!. It’s also not all about winning as you can make some great connections along the way!  

Ms Monroe

From Auckland, NZ

If friends had to describe me, they would probably use the words: Strong, Honest, Passionate, Compassionate and hard-working.
Over 20 years, I have worked in several industries, all relating to the empowerment of women.
My absolute passion is guiding women to become the best versions of themselves and I am an advocate for physical and mental health.

I spend a lot of time doing volunteer charity work as I love to give back and I believe that even if you only have a little, you can give a lot.

I suffer from bad anxiety and have made it a point this year to push myself out of my comfort zone, ‘walk the talk’ and strive for everything I have ever wanted to achieve. Hello Miss Pinup NZ 2019!

I have always loved and admired the absolute glamour and sophistication of era’s past.. the women were so feminine and well put together.
Today, I love being able to mix original vintage style with a modern twist but most of all I absolutely love how the pinup scene has brought passion, sense of community and confidence to many women.
Anything that makes women feel 100% great about themselves, is a plus from me.

From the past, of course I would have to say Marilyn Monroe, due to my long ‘relationship with her but I also love Jayne Mansfield, Bridget Bardot and Diana Dors. It really is so hard to beat the classic beauty and style of such pin up beauties.

I have wanted to be a finalist in MPUNZ since I watching/supporting the lovely Brigette (Honey L’Amour) on stage in 2013. At the time I had a baby and since, have been running my own businesses, far too busy to commit to such a pageant but I decided that this year, I would stop with the ‘excuses’ and throw myself into the pinup pageant scene.
I have loved entering pageants this year and would very much love to continue the journey and achieve my long held dream of becoming a Miss Pinup NZ finalist!

You can never be too overdressed. (It’s better to be over than under-dressed at any event!). From head to heels.. hair, full face, headpiece, jewellery, gloves, frock, accessories and stockings. Wear it all with your head held high!

Ruby Lullabelle

From Christchurch, NZ

Hi im a wife and mum of 4. My main passions in life is family time, cooking, op shopping, and dogs. One day i hope to open my home up to be a foster hime for shelter animals. We spend alot of time renovating our home, so you will often see me in slippers and hoodies. My husband and i love 80s hair metal bands and we can be often found rocking out to metallica in the kitchen trying to cook up new recipes for roast pork. Also im the one who carries the gorgeous large vintage handbag filled with snacks

The thing i love most about vintage is that it gives me an identity. Im a mum first and foremost. But if i can i love being able to express who i am in my outfits. I got to meet a few fellow pinup mums a few years ago and over time they have become my village. It dosent matter than half the time my hair is in a mum bun, no make up and a pretty dress thrown on with no make up i still know they are there doing it right along with me, encouraging me to keep being who i am and that my children are gettimg the best from me. Dressing how i want has also taught my daughter’s that being true to your unique self is as important as beimg a good human

Lady LouLou Bell. She is not only a mum but she also gives me inspiration to be me, because she is just unapologetically rocking herself and that is just amazimg

It would be pretty cool to bring the sash down to the south island cos we are a pretty awesome bunch

Theres no right or wrong way to do it. We all have our own style and personalities, there is nothing wrong with showing that in your outfits

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