Our 2022 Finalists!

Congratulations to our gorgeous finalists for 2022! 

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I’m a friendly & bubbly person, I have been part of the pinup community for a few years now & I’ve loved every moment!
I’ve had a love for 40s and 50s hair and fashion for a long time. However, I only started dressing like this in 2015 and only every now and then, in 2018, I jumped in with both feet.
I currently live in a little place called Waipawa in the heart of Central Hawkes Bay with my husband, dog, cat, kune kune pigs, chickens and adorable tiny terrorist Max.

What is it about vintage and pinup culture that you love?
The pinup culture has been an amazing way for me to come out of my shell. I’ve been lucky enough to find my people, they have really stood with me and helped pick me up when I’ve been kicked down. These amazingly supportive people have helped give me the confidence to embrace my qualities and a style I love.

Who is your favourite pinup icon and why (past or present)?
For me what started my love of pinup was watching Audrey Hepburn in breakfast at Tiffany’s. Holly Golightly was confident to be herself, say what she wanted and most of all I loved her style. ” A girl cant read that sort of thing without her lipstick”
As part of my love for the movie I named my first cat Tiffany.
From there I was introduced to Marilyn and she got me hooked.

What would winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand mean to you?
To me if I win or not, this whole experience is helping me fight through the wall that I have created that I’m just a “mum”.
With having Max I felt like my identity changed to be just mum, but that’s not my only identity and this is giving me the courage to prove to myself that I can be mum and much much more.

What is your top tip for being a pinup?
Just have fun with it!!!
I do this because it makes me HAPPY.
It doesn’t have to be perfect and doesn’t need to be serious.

My name is Kaye Clyne, 56 years young, married to Andy for 11 years, I have 3 beautiful adult children who have turned out to be wonderful human beings – so we did something right. I’ve been in the Pinup community for just over 7 years, I owned Kabella Baby, Pinup shop for 6 years, I love organising things, so I can often be found organising a social event for the Southern Pinup Belles or a Pinup pageant around Canterbury or an online one. I love sewing and have recently got my sewing mojo back, I keep telling Andy I’m saving money by making my own clothes – of course it’s not, it probably costs more lol

What is it about vintage and pinup culture that you love?
I love the elegant style of the clothing, the fabulous colours and prints, how the community embraces everyone regardless of gender, race, age or size. I found my tribe when I started to meet other ‘pinups’ and the friends I have made are lifetime ones

Who is your favourite pinup icon and why (past or present)?
Favourite past pinup icons – Grace Kelly and Katherine Hepburn, both are so elegant and classy in completely different ways, they are definitely their own people. As a child I would watch their movies and just want to be like them.

Present are the local women that I have met on my journey, the young girl who hadn’t worn a dress for years, who put one on and cried, the older lady who said dresses don’t suit her, now that’s all she wears.

Miss Kitty Kaos ,Lady Loulou Belle, the Metal Pinup, Miss Ruby Rowdy and the other Southern Pinup Belles, these women absolutely rock! They are strong, kind, feisty and loyal!

Of course, I can’t forget the gorgeous Miss Victory Violet, Fran Hendrickson, Monique Kimber-Bell, Cherry Dollface and Gretchen (Gertie) Hirsch who are so supportive and encouraging and let me fan girl.

What would winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand mean to you?
To me it would show that MPUNZ embraces what the community stands for – inclusiveness, you don’t have to be 20 or size 10. Personally, it would mean the world to me, I don’t often do pageants as I would rather be supporting people or helping organise the pageant, so this is really outside my comfort zone! It would help give me a platform to encourage our ‘new pinups’ to find their place in our community.

What is your top tip for being a pinup?
Be yourself, don’t worry if people say you should do it this way or that way, do it your way – except for you petticoat – just don’t have that hanging down

Well were to start lol I’m a 50 year old Nana and have fostered many children over the years and I’m raising 3 beautiful grandchildren 2 biologically and one foster grandchild. they are 5,6 and 14, I work full time in a beautiful rest home here in Tauranga as a Diversional Therapist to give each and everyone of my lovely residents a purpose to continue to live their lives to the fullest, I have them doing crazy and fun things all the time like tandem sky diving at 82 or flying a tiger moth aircraft again at 87, to going for a cruise around the lovely bay of plenty in my 1960 Prefect Peggy Sue so they can reminisce at the same time as have fun.
I believe in going that extra mile in my work as when our country was in level 3 lockdown September this year for Father’s Day I found a way to bring some joy and happiness’ to my residents by speaking with Police and Healthline to organize with approval a wonderful rockabilly style cruise by with friends, family and hot rod clubs in our community their smiles and tears of joy were priceless and Sun Live Tauranga was there to capture every special moment with video and photos.

I have the best Job and love every day as I bring smiles and laughter to everyone at my work from the residents to the staff with my positive attitude and outgoing personally 24/7 there is never a dull moment with me around. I absolutely love being able to show my personality in everything I do from cruising in my beautiful Peggy Sue to Cruising on my Trike.
I love to give and make others smile everyday. At Christmas time Myself and my beautiful family like to give presents to those who are less fortunate so we always donate to the Toy Run here in Tauranga, My beautiful grandchildren looked up at me last year and said Nana ” I love giving presents to children who have nothing so I can make them smile ”

I have been to every Beach Hop over the past 21 years the first was a rock n roll festival and it grew from there to what it is today, My friends say I’m crazy as I have an outfit for the day and an outfit for the night so we normally have to take another car as all my gear for the week of beach hop wont fit in Peggy Sue.

I have entered and been in a few Pin Up comps over the past 3 years for fun, like all ford day in Tauranga Miss Lake Hop in Mangakino, Miss Motorama in Morrisville, Miss Frankton Thunder and the beach hop ones. I have won 2 of them which were Miss Motorama and Miss Lake Hop. My most memorable moment was when I was in Frankton Thunder and after the competition was over this lovely Lady and her Niece who was only 11 years old came up to me and her niece gave me a big hug and they thanked me for being inspiring to her Niece as she was bullied at school for over weight and when she seen me she said it gave her hope that she could be herself and it didn’t matter how she looked. I told her that she was beautiful inside and out and to always be herself and don’t let others put out her beautiful spark and that she can be whoever and whatever she wanted to be, also that it doesn’t matter if you win or lose as long as you have fun.

What is it about vintage and pinup culture that you love?
My Pin Up passion comes from my wonderful Mum and Dad who have always done rock n roll dancing, I still have the very rockabilly skirt my mother wore 30 plus years ago that she hand made. I’ve done some rock n roll dancing over the years as well but sadly had a neck injury so can only do it for a short time now, but that hasn’t stopped me loving the style as it gives me a chance to express myself with my own look. I have a wardrobe full of rockabilly something for any occasion lol. I love the Pin Up Culture as it is full of color and glam and it is a great way to not only express my colorful personally but create my own individual look.
There is no right or wrong way with Pin Up from victory rolls to the amazing dresses and outfits the sky is the limit.

Who is your favourite pinup icon and why (past or present)?
My Mum as she taught me how to express myself in not only my personally but also how to create my own individual look and style with pin up. Because of her years of experience in rockabilly as a fantastic rock n roll dancer she had all the amazing outfits and rocked every single one of them. I’m just as proud of my Mum as she is of me.

What would winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand mean to you?
It would mean so much to me as I could show each and every one of my beautiful grandchildren that believe in yourself that your dreams can come true. Also to have the title of Miss Pin Up New Zealand I can show others like the little girl in my story earlier to never give up as we are all beautiful in our own way. I would use it to show others that life is what you make it and to never give up xx

What is your top tip for being a pinup?
To always be yourself through your own unique pin up style. There is no right or wrong in pin up xx

Hi there,
Creativity is my favourite quality, especially in the kitchen. I still have a wild imagination even at 35 and I love to give anything and everything a go, and I bring that out in my cake decorating. Sometimes I have so many crazy ideas in my head that not even I can keep up haha. Drive and confidence haven’t always been my strong point, but since becoming a mother I am more motivated than ever to show the world what I am made of by daring to dream, getting out of my comfort zone and smashing goals, as I am my daughters role model and for her to grow up believing in herself, I need to believe in MYSELF.
Miss Jazzylicious xxoo

What is it about vintage and pinup culture that you love?
I feel like the vintage pinup culture and community is one big celebration…. We celebrate that perfect brush out, we celebrate that cute little vintage skirt from an op shop, we celebrate our uniqueness, our differences, our silliness, you can’t get that anywhere else and THAT is what I love.

Who is your favourite pinup icon and why (past or present)?
I fell for Rita Hayworth as my icon when I was a little girl sitting with dad watching the old classics most weekends. The way she moved and that delicious smile is something you cannot forget in a hurry. She was one hell of a women.
A present icon of mine inspires me to really bring out my sexy. Miss Lady Lace of Perth Australia is always sharing her tips and tricks of everything vintage, my styling has improved immensely with her influence. I hope one day to meet her and join her burlesque class as I feel my most empowered when I am pole dancing.

What would winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand mean to you?
Winning Miss Pinup New Zealand by getting up on that stage and showing my true authentic self and giving it my all would mean a whole new level of fulfilment in life. And a bloody great accomplishment ha.

What is your top tip for being a pinup?
The best version of yourself comes from a good night sleep, so start that wet set early in the evening.

My name is Miss Katie Cupcake, and I use high heels to walk tall, put on my wings to fly high, and spread my petticoats to cast shade on anyone who tries to push others down.

Once upon a time I was a rock n roll magpie chick, clad in black and collecting shiny things. But with my rainbow friends and family, I’ve let my colours fly and become the bird of paradise I always knew I should be.

With ongoing study and work in advocacy fields, I endeavour to boost LGBT, indigenous and minority communities, and the disabled. This is not only because I am also part of these communities, and proudly learning about my Indigenous Australian heritage, but because I know how important it is for us as both a local and global community to use our voices to amplify those who are having theirs drowned out.

A gatekeeping type once said to me that pinups were thin and beautiful and that I was way too big to be able to credibly pull off that aesthetic. I told them it should be pretty easy to kiss my ass, seeing as there was plenty of it.

What is it about vintage and pinup culture that you love?
The thing I love most about vintage and pin-up culture is that it is art. As an art, there is a place for everyone to add their own inspiration. The more an art form diversifies and develops, the more intricate and innovative it becomes.

Who is your favourite pinup icon and why (past or present)?
My pinup icon is Kaye Clyne (miss Kabella Baby herself!), part mentor, part guru, part fairy godmother and definately alllllll friend. She took me under her wing when I was a Baby Belle dabbling with bijoux from op-shops and guided me into a world of self-expression and self-acceptance.

What would winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand mean to you?
Winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand would mean that as a disabled person and advocate for LGBTQAAAIP, I would have another avenue to fight for equality.

By actively welcoming those who are under-represented in the mainstream media into the rockabilly and vintage community, we destigmatise and enable creativity, self-love, and decolonisation within Aotearoa and the global pin-up community. It is easy to forget that the Rock And Roll movement was pioneered by African-American musicians, or to automatically picture pin-ups and people who wore these fashions in the past as white, able-bodied, straight, and cis. Representation matters in any creative movement for empowerment, education, and evolution.
I see this as part of a larger reaction against class oppression, both from direct racism and colonial propaganda, and indirectly, by the developed nations’ overconsumption of fast fashion. The pinup movement is inherently counter-cultural – we value quality over fads and reject the narrow definition of commercialised beauty standards perpetuated by megacorporations via their privately-owned media, so I am passionate about emphasising our movement’s value of creativity and personality in the expression of style, beauty, and personal elegance.

What is your top tip for being a pinup?
My top tip is to remember that life is not a pin-up competition. The most important aspect of pin-up and rockabilly is that you enjoy it and it empowers you. Styling a particular way, or wearing pin-up a certain number of days because you feel like you have to tick all the boxes is a myth. There is no disqualification from vintage life. Whether you wear retro aesthetic pieces exclusively, or alongside other clothing, you are still a “proper” pin-up. It’s your passion and your love for the vintage aesthetic and the art of pin-up that makes you valid.

Hi, I’m Miss Retro Rebel! A pink haired mermaid fanatic originally from Stewart Island, but currently living in Christchurch. I have always loved the vintage pin up style and I first got into Pinup around 2015.
Fashion has always been a big part of my life, from learning to sew when I was little with my mum to graduating with a Bachelor of Design (Fashion) degree in 2008.
I really enjoy designing and making vintage inspired outfits that I can then show off at the various car shows and vintage events we have in New Zealand.
I am also part of the burlesque scene here in Christchurch and have performed in numerous shows since I started in 2015.
My interests also include my 2 fur kitties, Chimkin and Monty, that I share with my partner Robbie.
For my muggle job I work in fashion retail as an Assistant manager for a pretty awesome clothing company where I get to let my passion for vintage inspired outfits run free.
I love meeting new people through my job and help them feel beautiful in their new clothes!
I love to collect Splendette jewellery from Rose at Retro Jewellery.
And I am a serial Shoe Hoarder!

What is it about vintage and pinup culture that you love?
First off, I love the sense of community we have in the Pinup scene here in New Zealand.
Everyone is so warm and welcoming, and I have made so many amazing friends!
I love how we all band together to support each other.
Pinup has really helped me find myself, and be myself.
I love how we can take the style from the vintage era but have so much more freedom than they had back in the day. There is a lot more freedom to create your own style.
I also met my partner through the vintage scene and it is so awesome that we share this love of vintage culture.
Being able to go to the different events and both enjoy it is such an amazing thing!

Who is your favourite pinup icon and why (past or present)?
My most favourite, and one of the reasons I got interested in Pinup, is none other than Marilyn Monroe.
Which is funny, cos she also happens to be my partners favourite too!
Marilyn has always inspired me as she started as an outsider, which I can relate to in my own pinup journey.
She used her strength and determination to become the icon she is today.
She also taught me that my curves are beautiful.
I like to collect Marilyn items where I can, from Erstwilder brooches, to books, to sharing custody of a Marilyn Pop Vinyl with my partner!

What would winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand mean to you?
I’ve always been a bit of an outsider and have kind of only found my confidence through starting my pinup journey.
I would love to show other pinups that you don’t have to be the most popular, the prettiest or have the most expensive outfits.
If you just be unique and be yourself, YOU CAN DO IT!
I’ve only just got up the courage to enter Miss Pinup after years of watching my friends slay it on stage.
So I would love to think I could give others the confidence to enter.
After going through a traumatic year with losing my Dad to cancer last year, I told myself life is too short, and I need to cease every opportunity.
So that is why I have entered this year.

What is your top tip for being a pinup?
My top tip would be to always be genuine and be yourself. Always show kindness towards others.
There are so many amazing Pin Ups here in New Zealand and everyone is different in their own unique way.
We should be encouraging this and celebrating it!
This is also the way to grow your friends circle.
Reach out to new people at events and introduce yourself.
Also, Red Lipstick, Always!!! xxx

Back in 1998 a little girl was born in Blenheim New Zealand……….
You probably don’t need to know that much, but where to start?
The birth of Miss Rosie Orion, I guess!
In 2016, at Mt Hutt College Methven (yes, I am a Canterbury farm girl) our last week of school consisted of a bunch of dress ups, one of which was throw back Thursday.
I raided my Mothers’ wardrobe and wore a bright green blouse, black skirt and some green shoes to match. With my cardigan on my shoulders I was ready for my Grease fantasy!
Objects with history, photos and family heirlooms have always been an interest of mine, this is what drew me to pinup.
In 2018, I joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force and started my military career, alongside my younger brother who joined the New Zealand Army.
The next time I wore pinup was in 2019 at my 21st birthday.
I wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polkadot… dress and had a victory roll in my hair.
The problem is that I have super long and thick hair so Mum and I had to come up with a quick fix to stop it collapsing in on itself, a toilet roll was the perfect solution!
Ever since that moment I developed my love for pinup.
I brought pretty dresses, rollers, shoes, jewellery, you name it, I was hooked!
Through a friend I managed to find the amazing online New Zealand pinup community.
From there I have done a few photoshoots, started my indoor plant addiction, been deployed, attended vintage events, rediscovered my love for art, adopted two cats, taken up sewing, and even won my first pageant at Whangamata Beach Hop 2020!
I look forward to seeing what life throws my way in the coming years!

What is it about vintage and pinup culture that you love?
I love the support and culture around it.
No matter who you are, what you do, how you dress, how old, tall, big or small you are there is no discrimination.
Its just like having a giant squad of personal cheerleaders.
I especially love that the support continues outside of pinup because life is real and we all need a hand every now and then.

Who is your favourite pinup icon and why (past or present)?
Not a typical pinup icon but, Mamma Ru Paul herself!
I have learnt from drag queens that to be your best, you have to be yourself do what makes you happy.
I think that fits in really well with the pinup community values.

What would winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand mean to you?
I haven’t been doing pinup for that long (2 years), and it would be amazing to show other people that are new to pinup that they can do it too!
I enjoy self-improvement and doing things that push me out of my comfort zone.
Winning MPUNZ would give me a huge confidence boost and prove to myself that I can do anything I put/set my mind to.

What is your top tip for being a pinup?
If someone asked me for advice it would be to make it their own.
You do you boo!
Yes, it can be a bit overwhelming to begin with as there are so many styles and personalities within pinup.
But don’t think you have to fit in with other peoples styles, wear what makes you feel the best, most confident, sexiest, most beautiful you!

I am a mother, I have 5 amazing children between the ages of 15 months and 12 years. I have a lot of tattoos, and I collect shoes (and hoard dresses). I read widely, and write pretty awful poetry when the mood strikes. I love to be crafty and creative in a variety of ways, most recently I have been making and decorating candles and soaps with plants and flowers I have been collecting and drying.

What is it about vintage and pinup culture that you love?
I love the dresses and feeling beautiful, and I greatly appreciate that the 1940s and 1950s brought back and popularized a more realistic silhouette and appreciation for what I guess I could call a more realistic woman’s body? In terms of the pinup culture in our modern times, that is easy – I love how inclusive and caring we all are of each other! At the last VVDO I admittedly had a panic attack, and a lady I barely know and another I did not know at all came to my rescue and helped me recalibrate myself. There are very few other communities like this and I appreciate it so so much.

Who is your favourite pinup icon and why (past or present)?
Morticia Addams. Her presence is powerful, she is spooky, kooky, gore-geous (get it?), and knows how to rock the little black dress, as well as being a doting mother and partner. She is truly a woman who can handle anything life throws her way.

What would winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand mean to you?
It would make me feel validated as a pinup. I struggle with feeling like an imposter, and feeling like I am not good enough. If I was to win, or actually even just get up on that stage, it would go a long way towards fixing that thats for sure!

What is your top tip for being a pinup?
Smile, even when you’re terrified. Let your personality shine, and try not to feel like you have to fit that normal idea people have when they think “pinup”

I am 48 years old and have lived in Hamilton for the past 26 years, where my father’s family originated from. I grew up an ‘army brat’, moving a lot throughout my childhood. By the time I finished high school I had been to 8 different schools, including completing high school in Singapore at United World College of South East Asia.
I trained as a nurse here in Hamilton and have spent the last 25 years working at Waikato Hospital. My specialty was cardiology, and I am now employed as the Resuscitation Coordinator for Waikato DHB.
I have two children; Connor – 28 years old, and Ella – 20 years old. I am married to Kevin and we have a blended family – four adult children and five grandchildren.
Outside of nursing and resuscitation, I spent much of the past 18 years as a dance mum – both my children loved dance. Being a dance mum helped me hone my hair and make up skills – I look at some of the early photos of my kids’ dance recitals and wonder what I was thinking!
My time doing hair and makeup for dance meant I spent a lot of time in local theatres, which in turn found me being part of hair and make up teams for many local theatre productions. My first production 7 years ago ignited my love of theatre, and I have been a part of 26 productions in the past 7 years. The biggest highlight was being Frank-n-Furter’s HMUA for Rocky Horror Picture Show. Lockdown and COVID restrictions pending, I am looking forward to supporting the local production of Sondheim’s ‘Assassins’ as HoD for hair and makeup. In 2023 I have been asked to lead the team for ‘That Bloody Woman’ – a NZ written rock opera about suffragette Kate Sheppard.
Between work and theatre life, I don’t get as much spare time as I would like. My time in Singapore as a teenager gave me the travel bug, and my work life has enabled me to travel extensively overseas. For the past two years, this need and want to travel has been limited to domestic, but I love finding new places to visit. Being able to explore my own back yard has been wonderful.
I am a private person, and have a small group of very close friends, who I value so much. I think this privacy has come from me moving around as a child every couple of years, so having to make new friends and create a new life which can be a challenge. Entering Miss Pinup New Zealand is pushing me out of my comfort zone, and letting the pinup community view me in a more public light. I am looking forward to rising to this challenge and seeing where the MPUNZ 2022 journey takes me.

What is it about vintage and pinup culture that you love?
I want to say ‘what is there not to love?!’, as there are so many parts of vintage and pinup culture that are loveable. I have to say I am drawn mostly to the glamour of the 1940’s and early 50’s. I am fascinated by how adults of the time could dress so impeccably, and with such grace and elegance, despite a war and rationing during the post war period. The clothing of the time was not mass produced, and the quality simply divine. This allowed for people’s uniqueness to shine through – and I see and love this too in the modern day vintage and pinup community.
I take pride in learning the many and varied techniques for creating undo’s. I honesty don’t know how people did it back in the day, without the convenience of modern day heated hair tools and great setting lotions – I am in awe of the women of the 40’s and 50’s who could create glamorous updo’s. With the hectic pace of modern day life it is so easy to through on comfortable clothes, hair up into a ponytail, and a lick of lipstick and head out. I love being able to take the time to create a look that I know people will appreciate the time that it’s taken me to achieve.
I believe the uniqueness of the modern day community creates a culture of inclusiveness. It would be so easy to pit one pinup against another, but I am constantly heartened by how supportive people are of one another within the community.

Who is your favourite pinup icon and why (past or present)?
I have two – one past and one present.
My favourite present day pinup icon is Bettie Rage. She is unique, is the most inclusive person, a great partner and mother, is loyal, and I am lucky to say she is a very close friend.
My favourite past pinup icon is Rita Hayworth. She epitomises all that was glamorous about Hollywood in the 1940’s and 1950’s. And so talented! She must’ve had a great work ethic to appear in 61 films over 37 years! And she was a strong woman for the era. Imagine having to face public scrutiny over 5 marriages at a time when divorce was frowned upon, and once married, a woman became her husband’s property!?!

What would winning the title of Miss Pinup New Zealand mean to you?
Winning Miss Pinup New Zealand would show me that when I step out of my comfort zone, I can still achieve success. Often the fear of failure can stop us from seeking this type of success. I hope too it would demonstrate to others who may harbour the same sort of insecurities that if they wish to step up, they too can demonstrate to the world how great they are.

What is your top tip for being a pinup?
My top tip would be to take your time in finding your pinup persona. It is easy to get caught up in all the varying styles and also maybe try and fit a perceived mould, but that may not fit well with you in the first instance. Explore what others are doing but don’t become them. Individuality is what sets each of us apart within the community but also helps us create a sense of inclusiveness.