COVID-19 has meant hard times for events of all scales and while there is funding in place for the mega/major events, events like ours don’t qualify for the government schemes.

Being forced to cancel VVDO 2022 at such short notice has left us with some bills to pay. We acknowledge how hard the pandemic has been on many people and businesses like ours, but we are appealing to those who would like to see Team VVDO run again in the future.

We’ve set up this “shop item” as a way for anyone to donate $5 or more via bank transfer. If you would like to donate more than $5, please increase the quantity.

We love our community, and can’t wait to be back on board with new events!

What do we need donations for?

  • Non-refundable deposits
  • Social Media Marketing costs
  • Website maintenance fees (not including personnel hours)

Team VVDO is made up of volunteers with other commitments on top of our passion for this show and community. All donations will go back into the show to cover any 2022 bills and help us pay deposits for future events.

We truly appreciate every cent.

Nicole & Ruth – Team VVDO