Very Vintage Vendors: 2 Sparrows Tattoo

2 Sparrows Tattoo is a family owned tattoo shop directed by Ana and Aaron Van Den Berg and have more than 15 year of tattooing experience betweeen them.

Ana is originally from Brazil and specialises in color realism, traditional and cosmetic tattooing. her warm and caring nature mixed with her attention to the smallest of details makes her the perfect artist for both male and female clients.

Aaron was originally born in South Africa and is a self taught artist who specialises in freehand custom lettering and black and grey realism. Aaron enjoys connecting with all of his clients on a personal level to provide a more memorable experince for those who are getting their first tattoo and those who are avid collector of the art.

Aaron and Ana both enjoy providing a quility service as well as a quality tattoo. We love to exceed the expectations of our clients throughout the entire process of the tattoo.

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We hope to see you all at the Very Vintage Day Out.

For all bookings and enquiries please feel free to contact us on the following forums.

PHONE: 09 558 5869



FACEBOOK: 2 sparrows tattoo

Move Modern Jive at VVDO

Move Modern Jive Auckland – where modern jive is for everyone….

With a combined 30 years of dancing, competing and instructing between them, you’re in friendly, experienced hands with Hannah Honey and Colin Flood, the owners of Move Dance Company.  When they opened Move in June 2016, their vision was for more than sharing their passion of dance with others – it was for everyone on the dance floor to enjoy a great night out and make new friends. 

So what is modern jive dancing? It’s a partner dance, with moves and steps from a fusion of Latin American dance styles and rock ‘n roll, which can be done to almost any type of music – making it really versatile in a wide variety of settings.

The crew at Move are all dancers themselves who know what it feels like to be ‘the newbie’, and many of them clearly recall their first lesson. So they understand that whether you come along with a partner, a group of friends or alone, whether you’ve danced before or not – it’s taking that first step and giving yourself time to really see how you go, that makes all the difference. What’s most important is that you’re able to relax and have fun.

The lessons are all taken by a female and male Teacher who break each step down and talk the men or ‘leads’, and then the women or ‘follows’, through their separate footwork and hand-holds so it’s easy to follow, literally step-by-step. And there’s lots of time to practise the move before going on to the next one.

Move Modern Jive is offered at 3 convenient locations across Auckland, where you can join the Beginners class first, and once you’re ready to move up, the Intermediate class – with some freestyle dancing in between. Your first class is free, but why stop when you’re having fun?? That’s where you can chat to them about concession card options to work out the most economical way to keep you on the dance floor.

You’ll be welcomed by Colin and Hannah and their crew at the New Lynn RSA on Monday nights, beginning at 7pm. Then on Tuesdays, they’re joined by a fun-loving bunch at Te Tuhi Arts Centre in Pakuranga, with Beginners getting underway at 7.30pm. And on Thursdays, you’ll find them and a social crowd at the Takapuna War Memorial Hall on the North Shore, for Beginners at 7pm.

Move to hold a club night approximately every six weeks where everyone is welcome. The night starts off with a workshop at 7pm, followed by a BYO barbeque (food is cooked while you enjoy the workshop) and after we’ve shared a delicious meal, the dancing gets underway til midnight. No matter where you are on your dancing journey, you don’t want to miss these entertaining, social Saturday nights.

Still, have questions or just need a little more information? You can email Hannah on or if you’d rather chat to someone, call Hannah on 021 576 210.

We look forward to meeting you!

Lily Loca – Very Vintage MC!

Find out more about one of our MC Lilly Loca!

Lilly Loca is somewhere between a film noir Femme Fatale and the Pink Panther: lithe, glamorous and totally mischievous. She is both headliner and headmistress, chameleon and comedian, seducer and showgirl…Whatever the performance, you’re in safe, spectacular, and ever so sparkly hands. 
Lilly Loca is one of New Zealand’s most well known and decorated burlesque performers and MCs. As the reigning national title holder of Supreme Grand Tease 2017, as well as the many other accolades she’s acquired under her sparkly garter belt, she has also travelled and performed overseas everywhere from Hollywood to Hamilton. She has performed her mixture of classical and gender-bending performances at over 160 burlesque shows alone (not counting theatre or other performance events) many of which have been well documented by the NZ media. She is a regular with TV Three and the New Zealand Herald crowned her “Queen of Burlesque.” 
Alongside her performing career, Lilly is one the of country’s largest burlesque show producers, owning Va Va Voom Productions, who specialise is burlesque, cabaret and vaudeville shows and events. She also runs Bambina Burlesque Academy, a school for aspiring bumpers and grinders.
Lilly also likes to combine elegance with eloquence, featuring in The Dominion Post, New Zealand Geographic, The Herald on Sunday, The Rock FM and Express magazine. She has worked closely with leading brands such as Sky City, The Dust Palace, Carousel Cabaret, Samsung and New Zealand Fashion Week. She has performed and collaborated with internationally renowned acts such as Perle Noire, Queen of the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2016 Miss Poison Ivory, Venus Starr and Mika Haka. In addition to her performing, she has also modelled internationally for publications such as Sinical Magazine, whose alumni include the likes of Dita Von Teese. 
She is also a festival regular, and Supreme Grand Tease 2017 as well as the Grand Tease Hamilton 2017 winner. She holds the awards for ‘Best Neo’ ‘Most Comedic,’ ‘Most Innovative’, ‘Most Creative’ and ‘Best Costume.’ At the NZ Golden Garter Burlesque awards, she was a finalist for ‘Best Costume’, ‘Favorite Mentor’, ‘Favorite Producer’, and ‘Contribution to the Burlesque scene.’ She has appeared at some of the world’s largest festivals including the Australian Burlesque Festival and the Hollywood Burlesque Festival. She also placed 3rd in NZ’s inaugural national Drag King competition, King of all Kings 2017.
Lilly Loca is exactly as her name suggests, beautiful, exotic and with a dash of delicious craziness. 

For the love of vinyl – 2018 VVDO DJs!

Welcome to this year’s VVDO DJs, Miss Dom and Vintage Vamp! They will be juggling vinyl all weekend, so be sure to catch them on the main stage.

Miss Dom

Miss Dom ‘Dom Nola’ is an Auckland DJ (aka Miss Dom) and former bFM programme director who fell for 45s as a young girl.

There was a 7″ of The Stones’ Honky Tonk Woman floating around in a large bag of records that my brother inherited from our grown-up sister; I loved that 7-inch so hard and kept going back to it again and again.”

She’s now spreading her love for them to her punters, while to some extent, mimicking the flexibility of music streaming: “You can almost shuffle them like playing cards and then see how a set can just magically come together. It’s the same songs creating a completely different vibe.”

But if putting your taste and knowledge on public display carries some risk, Nola enjoys the payoff.

“For me, playing vinyl makes me feel empowered, it’s a deeply personal experience, and as a woman in what is mostly a male-dominated arena, I find playing to people a good place to stand my ground. Especially if I can pull something special from the crate. The looks I get sometimes, “oh, you little blonde chick”, and I’ll pull out a 7-inch by Agent Orange or Bad Brains … then it’s ‘woah’.

Miss Dom now spreads her love for records to her punters, while to some extent mimicking the flexibility of music streaming: ‘You can almost shuffle [the records] like playing cards and then see how a set can just magically come together. It’s the same songs creating a completely different vibe.’

So yeah, no pressure, but the prospects of records surviving another generation could come down to the likes of Dom. Vinyl’s best hope will be when it stops being seen as a hip and fashionable accessory and replaces the crappy T-shirt as the top-end expression of true fandom.

Miss Dom Sound Mix –

Herald article –

Vintage Vamp

Vintage Vamp is the alter ego of Merrin McCreadie, an enthusiastic vinyl record DJ and collector based in Auckland.  She has been a vintage chick for almost two decades, preferring vintage second hand, op shop finds to standard mall-based retail clothing.  Favouring the 60s look, however, enjoys dressing for any decade.  Her music matches her taste in fashion, favouring 60s soul and 70s funk and disco, however again enjoys music from any decade.  Vintage Vamp has done DJ sets at Golden Dawn, Ding Dong Lounge and Cross Street Market.  Her most enjoyable set was lighting up Golden Dawn for her Soul Train Disco, where she also managed 3 vintage outfit changes over 4 hours of DJ set and had the audience forming a soul train line.  She is super excited to be a part of the Very Vintage Day Out music experience!


Don’t miss these ladies in action at VVDO – get your tickets now!

Very Vintage Bake-off supported by South Auckland Women’s Institute: Judge Announcement!


We’re excited to announce our first judge for Very Vintage Bake-off supported by South Auckland Women’s Institute! Annabelle White will be joining us to judge the baked entries on Sunday 4th November.

Popular television and radio cooking personality Annabelle White is synonymous with good food and fun times in the kitchen. Annabelle believes that keeping food simple, easy, “confidence-building” and delicious, mixed with plenty of tips, funny quips and great recipes make for good times for family and friends.
Annabelle was a long time food columnist for the Sunday Star-Times and also wrote the popular Food Detective column. She is the former food editor for NZ House & Garden and the New Zealand Women’s Weekly. She is now devoting her efforts to her website –
The author of eleven cookbooks Annabelle is also busy with cooking classes and the public speaking circuit. In 2009 the University of Waikato recognized her with the Distinguished Alumni award. Annabelle holds a history degree (MA First Class Hons) from Waikato University.
Annabelle was born and raised in New Zealand and while she does not have formal chef’s training, her love of “great honest cooking” came from watching her mother cook every day after school. Annabelle’s extensive travels continue to be a great motivating factor in appreciating the global kitchen and learning about good food.

When she was just 17 years old Annabelle spent a year in Dover, Delaware as an AFS scholar. She credits her time with a high-energy, good food-loving Italian American family as a great experience to gain knowledge and appreciation for new ingredients and new cooking styles.
Annabelle’s first cookbook Best Recipes was released in 1997 and had been reprinted multiple times. Many of her titles are now out of print but her sequel to Best Recipes entitled Simply The Best co-authored with Kathy Paterson in 1999 topped the New Zealand best-selling list and remained there for many weeks. Other titles include, Annabelle Cooks, Annabelle Cooks Healthy and specialist cook books in the areas of Christmas, BBQ and Cakes and Slices.
Annabelle began her TV work as the zany food reporter for TV3’s Nightline in 1989 and then on a more regular basis for 5.30 With Jude and subsequently 5.00 With Jude in 1999-2001. She hosted her own prime time shows for World on a Plate featuring filming in New York City and Tonga in 2001. Her foray into Breakfast TV started with TV3 in 2008 and then moved to TVNZ in 2009. Her role with Breakfast has seen her filming food and travel pieces in China (Shanghai), the United States (Santa Monica) and Ireland. Annabelle’s radio work began in 1990 and she has been on-air nationwide on a regular basis since then.
Annabelle’s newest book is Casual Cooking (Penguin) published August 2012.

Check out all the Very Vintage Bake-off supported by South Auckland Women’s Institute information and enter here!